Complete Kits with Radio

If you're considering a complete Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication kit with a radio for your side-by-side, a good question you should ask youself is: What kind of communication am I wanting? For bike-to-bike communication, a complete kit with a radio is among the better solutions out there. But if you're looking for a Mid-Size Ranger comm kit with a radio for emergency purposes, a good place to start would be to identify what others riders in your area are using. After all, if nobody is listening -- or if they are listening but tuned into a different frequency -- your distress signals will fall on deff ears. In the eastern part of the United States, most people use "ultra high frequency" UHF radios programmed to run on the "Family Radio Service" and "General Mobile Radio Service" channels. In other areas, however, different frequencies are more popular. Check with other riders or even your local Forrest Service branch to see what channels they use. While some frequencies are restricted for "official use", and broadcasting on such channels is punishable under the Radio Act of 1912, if you're in an emergency, getting the message out by any means at your disposal is probably worth violating the law.

Complete Ranger communication kits with radios are not only a good way to get information out into the ether, but they're also a good way to receive useful information from local organizations and governmental bodies. Your UTV radio might be able to pick up announcements from the National Weather Service, giving you weather predictions and forecasts to help you better plan your rides. But even if you disregard a severe rainstorm advisory from the NWS, most of the complete comm kits and radios that you'll find at Everything Polaris Ranger are waterproof, and will be unaffected by a little rain. And like rain, they can also withstand both freezing and scorching temperatures, great for any climate in any part of the world. So get a comm kit and radio for your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger today and gain way more benefits than a cell phone could ever provide.

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