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What to Look for in a Polaris Ranger Mirror Kit

Jul 30th 2020

They’re just mirrors, right? 

Most drivers are programmed to gloss over the issue of mirrors when considering aftermarket UTV upgrades because they don’t typically worry about them so much with their regular vehicle. Your regular vehicle, however, isn’t typically popping over tree roots, bouncing out of deep ruts and racing rivals at the track like your Polaris Ranger. For this reason and many others, it’s very important to find a mirror that meets the higher standards of performance we demand of our UTVs. Why do mirrors matter so much to UTV drivers? For one reason above all else – safety. 

As Always, Safety First

Simply being able to see behind you is the bare minimum when it comes to what you should expect from a Polaris Ranger side view or rearview mirror. Here are all of the scenarios in which a high-quality mirror will make the difference between compromised and uncompromised safety:

Visibility – A high-quality mirror mounts where you need it for maximum visibility while providing a wide field of view. Whether you’re racing or backing into a tight area, this means that you and your passengers can quickly identify and communicate information about where the obstruction/other vehicle is for maximum safety.  

Profile – It’s okay for a Polaris Ranger mirror to stick out from the frame to a certain extent, but if it won’t break away on impact, then you may want to consider something with a more discrete profile for those tight squeezes. This plays an important part in safety as well, because snapping a mirror off while navigating a tight area never bodes well for safety.  

Rigidity – As mentioned, Polaris Ranger mirrors that break away are always a good option because they give you the best of both worlds: high visibility and durability. Especially mirrors that are designed to be easily rebuilt or re-positioned after a hard impact. A certain amount of rigidity is of course desirable, otherwise your mirror may move out of position too easily, but too much can be problematic in terms of safety as well as performance in a competitive environment. 

Vibration Control – This is a big one that tends to take newer UTV enthusiasts by surprise sometimes. Unlike the comparatively “plush” highways and city streets we’re used to taking with our automobiles, UTVs obviously have to deal with much bumpier conditions. In the case of an inferior or poorly secured mirror, this means that your mirror could vibrate out of its optimal position and essentially render itself useless until you fix it. This is NOT what you want to happen in a race scenario, where every second could cost you dearly. 

Here’s Who Made Our Cut 

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the safety-boosting attributes of Polaris Ranger mirrors, the next question is who? Which brands best encapsulate your particular needs in one affordable mirror? Because everyone’s needs our different, we’ll cover three of our most trusted brands: ATV Tek, Assault Industries, and Seizmik.

ATV Tek – If there’s a more balanced selection of Polaris Ranger aftermarket mirrors out there, we don’t know it. ATV Tek has it all – dual axis breakaway technology, unparalleled field of view, and a vibration-resistant rubberized seal that holds the mirror steady. To top it all off, their Elite Series sideview mirrors utilize a low-profile, 360-degree-adjustable design. For maximum value, we highly recommend the Elite Series 1 – Trifecta Pack, which comes with both sideview mirrors and a rearview mirror. 

Assault Industries – True to their name, when it comes to UTV mirrors, Assault Industries provides military-grade strength and quality at a realistic price. Our favorite feature in their sideview mirrors has to be the aggressive, angular design that allows for maximum visibility without the bulky and in-the-way design that obstructs your view ahead. Most of their mirrors are rebuildable, highly adjustable, and amazingly easy to mount. Their Polaris Ranger Aviator UTV Side Mirrors are an excellent place to start.

Seizmik – Guaranteed to keep out the elements and resist vibration with an expertly designed rubber isolator, Seizmik mirrors deliver something that most competitors can’t: blissful ignorance. After going months and months without having to adjust or replace these ABS-housed, breakaway mirrors, you’ll just accept them as part of your Polaris Ranger roll cage. Check out their Polaris Ranger Side Mirrors today and see what we mean.

It’s this simple: make a list (per above) of everything you want in a mirror, check out our huge selection at Everything Polaris Ranger, and confidently invest in your safety. Done!