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What should Ranger Enthusiasts do during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Mar 15th 2020

On March 13, President Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency in the United States due to the novel coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe. Before we get further into the blog, we highly encourage everyone reading this to practice safety in their daily lives through regular hygienic practices, such as frequently washing your hands with soap and water and staying home when sick. 

What should Ranger Enthusiasts do during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

With that being said, we also encourage everyone not to neglect their hobbies, which, if you’re reading this, likely includes tinkering with your Polaris Ranger.

So if you’re not able to go out and enjoy your Ranger at the moment due to the precautions necessary to avoid contracting the coronavirus, how can you still enjoy your UTV? 

One of the great things about limiting your time among the public is that you’ll have plenty of time to browse Everything Polaris Ranger for all the aftermarket parts and accessories you’ll want to outfit your machine with. Whether you’re looking for the best gunrack or a brand-new heater, Everything Polaris Ranger features hundreds of aftermarket parts and accessories that will allow you to customize your machine any way you want.

Staying home and avoiding public interactions also means more time to spend in the garage, so why not spend that time outfitting your UTV with all your new purchases from Everything Polaris Ranger? Self-quarantining at home means you’ll have plenty of time to tinker around and rig up that new winch you’ve been waiting to buy or set up that new audio system so you’ll be jamming out the next time you hit the trails. There is no better time than now to dedicate some hours in the garage outfitting your machine with all the latest and greatest parts and accessories currently offered on Everything Polaris Ranger. Self-quarantining could mean sitting inside and watching the latest Netflix show, or it could mean cracking a beer, compiling all of your purchases from Everything Polaris Ranger and getting to work upgrading your unit. When summer comes and it’s time to roll your machine out of your garage, you’ll surely be glad you spent your time wisely.

For those ordering parts from Everything Polaris Ranger while we wait out the virus, remember that all purchases over $99.99 have free shipping, so don’t wait to load up on all the goods that have been on your wish list. For those ordering under $99.99, shipments come with a $9.95 shipping fee within the continental US, and most orders are shipped within three business days from the time the order is placed. Customers will receive a tracking number once the order is shipped and on the way, which will allow you to keep an eye on your package as it travels to you while giving you an estimated date of delivery. While shipments are typically received within 5-7 business days, delivery days depend largely on your location and the distance from our distribution centers. Should you experience any difficulties with your orders or have any questions during the ordering process, pop over to Everything Polaris Ranger to get more information and to get in contact with our sales department.

Taking your shopping practices online to Everything Polaris Ranger will allow you to browse all of the aftermarket parts and accessories you could ever dream of having, all from the safety of your own home. Our fast and affordable shipping makes ordering from our website a breeze while ensuring that you’ll have your parts in your hands and on your UTV within days. So if you’re planning to stay at home and wait out the virus, pop over to Everything Polaris Ranger to load up on all your favorite aftermarket parts and accessories so you can hang out in the garage and spend some time with your UTV. By the time summer comes along and the threat of the virus has passed, you’ll be the talk of the town with your newly-outfitted rig tearing up the trails.