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Top 3 Polaris Ranger Gun Racks

Dec 16th 2018

If you’re a hunter, there is no better way to get to and from your best-hunting grounds than a Polaris Ranger. Their versatility makes them great for dirt roads, trails, dry river beds, and prairies, turning the most remote and isolated areas into surprisingly accessible hunting grounds. And when it comes to hauling out the good parts of a large ungulate or other game animals, a side-by-side can be a lifesaver. When you are hunting or sporting clays with a side-by-side, there are several Polaris Ranger accessories that are absolutely essential. A gun rack is one of these obligatory add-ons.

Not only will gun racks keep your firearms within reach -- without having to stuff them behind the headrests or secure them with seat-belts -- but they’ll also keep them safe damage free. A quality gun rack will hold weapons snug over the roughest of terrain, clearing up space in the cargo bed and seat areas for more passengers and equipment. If your a serious predator with tags for all seasons, a gun aficionado with a collection that would put the weapons depot of a small nation to shame, or a casual hunter/sport shooter who goes out once or twice a year for fun, a gun rack is that all-American UTV accessory to enable you to properly exercise your second amendment right to bear arms.

Top 3 Gun Racks For The Polaris Ranger

From overhead gun racks and scabbards to cab- or roof-mounted gun racks, here are our top 3 picks for Polaris Ranger gun racks:

Seizmik’s Overhead Gun Rack

The Polaris Ranger Overhead Gun Rack OHGR by Seizmik is a top-selling gun rack due to its quality, affordability, and accessibility. Mounting to the bottom of your Polaris Ranger’s roof, the Quick-Draw Gun Rack is the perfect option for road hungers, giving riders the ability to grab and go at their leisure and on a moment’s notice. If you need your guns to be easily accessible in case you see a coyote on your ranch, this is the rack for you. If you’re hunting hogs at night and require immediate firepower, this rack is also for you.  

Unlike many other racks, which require you to periodically check their tightness due to gradual loosening over time, the Quick-Draw rack stays tight. It doesn’t rattle with or without a gun, so you can leave it on year-round, even when you’re not hunting. Regardless of the quality of your rifle’s optics, the Quick-Draw rack will never cause your scope to become misaligned, which is of particular importance when taking long-distance shots. Take note, however, if you have a 2019 Polaris Ranger 500, as the rack may not work on your machine due to the changes Polaris made to the front bar.

Great Day’s Vertical Floor Mounted Gun Rack

The Vertical Floor Mounted Polaris Ranger Rack by Great Day will provide any trigger-happy gunslinger with immediate access to their rifles. Like the Seizmik’s overhead gun rack, the vertical floor mounted rack by Great Day is made to tightly secure firearms within arm’s reach inside the machine’s cab. Whether you’re toting a high powered semi-automatic AR-15 or your hand-me-down legacy 20-gauge shotgun that you inherited from your grandpa, the Vertical Floor Mounted Gun Rack can hold em’ all.    

Great Day’s Rear Window Gun Rack

For those wanting a gun rack to carry their weapons to and from the hunting grounds on the outside of their rig, the Polaris Ranger Gun Rack by Great Day does the trick above and beyond the capabilities of other racks. It is the perfect rack to ensure safety if you ride with kids, and frees up space in the cab as well. It can be installed with or without a back window -- which is a definite plus -- and won’t interfere with the rear-view mirror and dome light like some roof racks do. While it may not be the best option if you need quick access, the Rear Window Gun Rack by Great Day is great for sporting clays and those who prefer to hunt on foot.