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Not Just For Trail Riding: Alternate Uses for your Polaris Ranger UTV

May 6th 2018

One of the most common uses of Polaris Ranger UTVs is on small and large farms, whether family or commercial. They are a great way to transport your crew, tools, supplies, chemicals—you name it—to and from your work site. These hardy vehicles can withstand the elements and decrease your working time, all while increasing your yield and relieving stress from you and your body.

But what else can you use these all-terrain vehicles for?

Though the agricultural industry gets a ton of use out of UTVs, there are other industries and companies that can reap near the same benefits, just in a different way. You may have heard of a few of these uses, or even seen them in action, but ATVs and UTVs can be a big help to most anyone, in almost any circumstance. Let’s take a look at just a few.

Landscaping and Grounds Keeping

Whether it’s a golf course, building grounds, or a large campus, all-terrain vehicles are great for maintaining a property’s grounds. Many, if not all, Polaris Rangers can be installed with a trailer hitch that allows them to pull mowers and many other types of lawn-keeping machines. UTVs allow employees to move quickly between sites and can carry many of the tools a groundskeeper might need, such as trowels, shovels, rakes of all shapes and sizes, and any other specialty tools the job might call for. If you’re a landscaper, consider investing in a few Polaris Ranger UTVs to get your crew around quickly and efficiently.

UTVs and ATVs are also great tools to plow and remove snow. Some state or county laws require snow removal within a few hours of it falling, and though it might be more fun to have one of those machines that blow the snow out of the way, nothing makes a snow day better than knowing you can hook up your plow, jump on your UTV, and have the driveway or sidewalks plowed neatly for you, customers, clients, and residents.


Though most people associate simple transportation needs with golf carts, UTVs can provide an alternative. Where ATVs might be a bit too sporty for those looking for a lift, UTVs provide a more dignified ride. Many UTVs can be outfitted with a covered cab enclosure and some models can seat up to 5 people. While it’s certainly no limousine, a UTV can be a great transportation vehicle.

Owners of large amusement parks or resorts might invest in UTVs to cart their VIP guests around in style. Large events like car and air shows are also a great venue for UTVs. Wherever anyone would want to traverse hot pavement fast, that’s where a UTV fills a need!

Maintenance and Security

Best used for large apartment complexes, outdoor malls, zoos, or college campuses, UTVs can quickly transport maintenance crews around a large plot of land. As many UTVs can be equipped with trailers, they’re a great resource for waste management and cleanup as well. Tools can also be stored within a Polaris Ranger and transported between buildings, and the UTVs can easily navigate large college crowds and campuses of all sizes.

Security teams will also find uses for ATVs and UTVs. Any necessary gear can be stowed within the many compartments, and spotlights and radios can be fitted for the job. While security officers presumably patrol more than they might need to respond, the bonus of having a compact motorized vehicle at hand is there as well. A fast response time is always key in the case of a security risk.

Land Surveying

Much of the land that still stands undeveloped today is either privately owned, protected, or in some way hard to access. Polaris Rangers can provide a low-impact solution that will transport your crew to a specific location without destroying the natural landscape. You might be scouting out hunting grounds for your next big trip, checking out what could be the site of your next home, or even prospecting for gold. Where a car, SUV, or truck can’t go, ATVs and UTVs are small enough but still capable of making the journey.

Polaris Rangers have a lot of great uses, not just on the farm or trails. Their rugged abilities to conquer any terrain and task make them a favorite of working people worldwide. The next time you’re out and about, consider how others use their ATVs and/or UTVs, and how you can use your all-terrain vehicles in a different way.