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4 Must-Have Hunting Accessories for Your Polaris Ranger UTV

Oct 2nd 2017

The air is getting cooler, the hours in the day spent riding your Polaris Ranger UTV are growing shorter. Geese trumpet overhead and the velvet of antlered deer and elk falls signaling the return for some of their favorite time of year: HUNTING SEASON! We’re just as excited as you are for this year’s upcoming hunts, and have put together a list of 4 MUST HAVE hunting accessories for your Polaris Ranger UTV! Whether you hunt white-tailed deer with your rifle, hogs with a crossbow or stalk elk with a compound bow in hand, these UTV hunting accessories will you help safely and securing transport your weapons in the field.

Polaris Ranger Overhead Gun Rack#1: Polaris Ranger Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack by Great Day

The Polaris Ranger UTV Quick Draw Overhead Gun Rack by Great Day is just the thing you need to securely mount two rifles up and out of the way.  This gun rack has an easy, no-drilling necessary installation.  With 2 mounting brackets, this gun rack has the capacity to hold nearly all rifles and shotguns on the market. Mounting firmly between the roll cage bars, when coupled with a roof, your firearms will be fully protected from the elements! As an added bonus, all Great Day products are made in the USA!

#2: Polaris Ranger Vista G1 Camo QuadGear Deluxe Double Bow Case by Classic Accessories

Polaris Ranger Vista G1 Camo QuadGear Deluxe Double Bow Case by Classic Accessories

As any good archery hunter knows, nothing is more important than keeping your bow safe and secure while in transport.  The last thing you need is a bump to your sight from a bow case sliding in off the seat or around in the bed of your vehicle.  You can put those fears to rest with the Polaris Ranger Vista G1 Camo QuadGear Deluxe Double Bow Case by Classic Accessories. The Deluxe Double Bow Case mounts directly to the roll cage or rear rack of your Polaris Ranger, eliminating the risk of damage from unwanted bumps along the trail. Made of heavy duty Protek X6 fabric, this water-resistant case is large enough to hold two (2) compound bows.

Vista G1 Camo QuadGear Deluxe Double Bow Case

With additional exterior pockets, you will be able to have room to store tools, broadheads, arm guards and trigger releases. In addition to these zippered pockets, the Deluxe Double Bow Case by Classic Accessories has a quiver case pocket featuring easy access from either side of the vehicle. Leaving your traditional bow case in the cabin, you’ll have no need for it while in the field riding your Polaris Ranger to and from your favorite stand!

#3: Polaris Ranger QuickDraw Double Crossbow Rack by GreatDay

QuickDraw Double Crossbow Rack by GreatDayLet’s face it, most crossbows are big, awkward and difficult to transport. With the Polaris Ranger Quick Draw Double Crossbow Rack by Great Day, you’ll be able to more securely transport your weapons, while also freeing up bed space for other gear. Large enough to transport two (2) full-sized crossbows, the Double Crossbow Rack mounts to the upper rails of your Polaris Ranger bed with a unique cradle mount.

This rack also allows for use of the Polaris Lock and Ride plungers with mounting plates that designed to align with the bed peg holes. No need to be concerned with a rack that mounts above the bed, this Double Crossbow Rack is made of strong, durable aircraft-grade aluminum! It’s as strong as they come!

#4: Polaris Ranger Power-Loader by Great Day

Power Loader by Great DayAs much as we love harvesting a monster mule deer buck or prong-horn, we equally hate to clean the blood, guts, and gore of the vehicle after transporting our harvested kill out of the field. The Polaris Ranger Power-Loader by Great Day allows you to firmly transport your game off the front of your UTV without having to hoist that heavy, bloody critter into the bed.

This power-loader aids you in hauling any number of things: harvested game, firewood, sacks of feed or bait…whatever your hauling needs are as a sportsman, the Polaris Ranger Power-Loader can handle it! Powered by your winch (not included in this purchase, but available here), this power-loader can hoist and move loads up to 350 lbs!! Constructed of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, the Polaris Ranger Power-Loader by Great Day has more than enough power and strength to help transport your next monster harvest! Your aching back will thank us later!!