Polaris General 1000 Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing by SuperATV

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SKU: HeavyDutyCarrierBearing-2016-17PGEN
The last thing you want to lug around while conquering the trails in your ATV is the burden of knowing one of its parts is known for failing. The term “RZR Carrier Bearing” may not mean much to you now, but this small piece of hardware could result in some big problems down the line... err...trail. When the factory-installed carrier bearing wears out, it often leads to other parts of your drivetrain to fail. Not to worry, the solution is surprisingly simple and takes only minutes to correct. Simply trade out the existing factory-installed RZR Carrier Bearing with the superior 2017 Polaris General 4 Heavy-Duty Carrier Bearing by MudBusters. Designed for a smooth, long-lasting ride, this durable bearing is unlike its supposed competitors by being fully sealed and greased. Standing in a class of its own, the RZR carrier bearing reduces the side load from the prop-shaft is easily installed due to its two-piece design. Don’t be left behind with the ineffective 2017 RZR Carrier Bearing. Instead, install the Polaris General 4 Heavy-Duty Carrier Bearing to ensure you stay securely in front of the pack.
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You may not know what the factory-installed RZR Carrier Bearing is yet, but if you are using this instead of the durable 2017 Polaris General 4 Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing by SuperATV, it may not be long until you are forced to find out. It may start with just a vibration, which seems tolerable, but the real problems are about to begin. The factory-installed RZR Carrier Bearing is notorious for quickly wearing out, leading to other parts of your drivetrain to fail. If you are half-way through a mile-long trek and are situated in the middle of nowhere, it could be (to put it politely), less than ideal if the carrier bearing breaks. Not to worry, the solution is surprisingly simple.

In only a few minutes, you can switch out your existing factory-installed carrier bearing with the superior 2017 Polaris General 4 Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing by SuperATV. Designed to endure even the roughest terrain, this bearing will ensure a smooth, long-lasting ride. This resilient bearing reduces friction because it is fully sealed and greased. If you ask your ATV dealer if they have installed the RZR Carrier Bearing, you will be disappointed to hear them answer “no.” Because you don’t plan on retiring your ATV any time soon, the life of your carrier bearing needs to last for years. The 2017 Polaris General 4 Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing has a self-aligning bearing that reduces your ATV’s side load from the prop-shaft. The two-piece design makes this easy to install, and after only a few minutes, you will be ready to confidently tackle the Great Outdoors.  

Greaseable and Fully Sealed

Unlike the factory bearing, SuperATV's bearing is greaseable and fully sealed, reducing friction.

Self-Aligning Bearing

Superior to standard bearings found in others, the SuperATV self-aligning bearing reduces side load on your carrier bearing from the prop-shaft - a must have if you want to keep vibrations to a minimum and the life of your bearing long.

Two piece design

Snappy install? Yes. The unique, two-piece design makes install and maintenance a breeze. Rather than pressing on a single bearing, SuperATV's two-piece is easily positioned and then secured in minutes.

Heavy Duty Carrier Bearing Features:

  • SuperATV RZR carrier bearings are made 100% in the USA and are fully machined using state of the art equipment.
  • 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Greasable self-aligning bearing included

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Parts may include but are not limited to: heim joints, tie rod ends, ball joints, seal kits, drive belts, wheel bearings, brake lines, bushings, and brake pads.

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