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Carrier Bearings

From 2016 Polaris General carrier bearings and 2018 Polaris General carrier bearings to carrier bearing rebuild kits for the 2022 Polaris General and newer model years, keep your UTV rolling with an aftermarket carrier bearing from Everything Polaris Ranger! With greasable heavy-duty carrier bearings for both the Polaris General 1000 and Polaris General 4, we’ve got everything you need to ensure that your driveline is tight, aligned, and functioning like it should be!

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Sure, it may not be the first performance-boosting component that pops into your mind when you’re giving that buggy a thorough once-over, but still, neglecting your Polaris Ranger General carrier bearing can quickly put a halt to your next joyride. The premise is not complicated - stabilize the axle while you send all kinds of crazy forces through it - but the execution is another matter entirely. That’s why we urge you to abandon the “Well, it’s just a carrier bearing, I’ll just get this one” mentality. You and your hard-working buggy deserve parts that will exceed standards, not barely meet them, which is why these Polaris Ranger General carrier bearings are designed to get a serious leg up on stock. Most importantly, if you can come see us before your ride is doing the jitterbug, then you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble while putting off the next replacement for a long time.

As always, superior durability and design are what differentiate our Polaris Ranger General carrier bearings apart from the other guys. This means only sourcing precision-engineered products made from the toughest materials and backed by the best brands in the industry. Of course, the Polaris Ranger General carrier bearing - while it has an important job - can’t do everything, which is why we encourage you to don a “holistic health” mentality when taking care of that UTV of yours. Start here, keep diagnosing, and optimize everything over stock until your ride is an absolute machine (you get what we mean)! Better yet, even this relatively modest replacement will keep your drive train safe from low-quality bearings causing damage over time. Make a huge difference with a small part using one of our Polaris Ranger General carrier bearings.