Turn Signal & Horn Kits

Get yourself a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size turn signal and horn kit for street legal purposes, or pick up some Polaris Ranger Mid-Size turn signal and horn components to repair your existing setup. But whatever you do, make sure to capitalize on the great deals on Polaris Ranger Mid-Size turn signal and horn products available at Everything Polaris Ranger!



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For many side by side riders, the versatility of having a street legal Mid-Size Polaris Ranger is a huge benefit. Although laws can vary from state to state, many states and counties require registered, street legal, vehicles to have functional indicators such as brake lights, headlights, and turn signals. With regards to the latter, there are several ways to go about installing a turn signal kit on your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size. There are rear turn signal/brake light kits that incorporate EZ signal switches, LED front lights and flashers, as well trailer converters for the rear lights that many riders like. Complete street legal UTV kits are common as well, and so are kits that utilize the stock LED tail lights as turn blinkers. Such “barely legal” kits are great as they install easily and make use of many pre-existing wire harnesses and electrical components in your side by side such as the factory gauge cluster and tail light connections.

From simple plug-n-play Mid-Size Polaris Ranger turn signal kits to more complex lighting and indicator configurations and aftermarket accessories, you name it, we’ve got it. Want some cluster lights to provide visual notifications on your dash while turning, no problem. Interested in switches instead of a lever on the column to engage the signal? No sweat. Even the most mechanically disinclined folks can install a turn signal kit. You can wire it up at home with nothing more than some wire, switches, and crimpers. And with more and more kits hitting the market that utilizes factory harnesses, wiring, and lights, installing Polaris Ranger turn signals can be as easy as plugging in a phone charger and turning a few screws. So whether you're rocking a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size ETX, a Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size or anything in between, for the best Mid-Size turn signals, Everything Polaris Ranger has you covered.

Having a street legal Mid-Size Polaris Ranger is an amazing benefit especially if you are living in a not so remote area and closer to cities or towns. The street legal vehicle will make sure that you get all your chores done in time even if you have to go to town to get the supplies. However, there are several laws that one has to follow to make sure that their vehicle is completely street legal. Although these laws vary from state to state, what is most common is that every street legal vehicle must have a working set of indicators and other lights to make sure that they can travel safely on the road without becoming a danger for other vehicles.

If you want to convert your normal Mid-Size Polaris Ranger into a street legal vehicle then all you need is a Polaris Ranger Turn Signal Kit and for that, you have come to the right place. We have a variety of different types of UTV turn signal kits that will transform any midsize Polaris Ranger into a street legal vehicle and allow you to legally enter cities and towns without getting any type of fine. We have both Mid-Size Polaris Ranger street legal kits and the Polaris Ranger blinker kit and you can select the one that is according to your taste. One of the best qualities of these side by side turning kits is that they are extremely easy to install and can be installed by everyone. You won’t have to go to an automobile expert or electrician to get these when you can simply do it in your own backyard. These side by side turn signal kits feature bright LED lights that are long-lasting and easily visible during the night making it safe for you to ride your Ranger in the night. Of all the other advantages regarding safety and legality that these kits provide, there is also another benefit involved which is that your vehicle will look cool once these kits are installed in it.

Staying off-road may not call for turn signals and horn kits but if a crew of you are heading out and night falls then they may come in handy then too. You can never be too safe and also you can never be too considerate as a driver. The turn signals and horn kits that you find here will give you the propensity to do and to be both. You can add a turn signal kit to your Ranger 500 or Ranger 570 on your road to become able to go on-road with your machine and you can also add in a horn kit. These are also available for your Ranger EV. These powerful machines all need or want for small touches that you can find to make life off-road and on-road a little bit more convenient. Take no chances with your safety and that of your passengers and fellow riders.

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