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Tire & Wheel Kits (Pre-Mounted)

Some riders like to mix and match the tires and wheels on their Polaris Ranger Mid-Size. But if you want some pre-mounted tire and wheel kits for your side-by-side that are easy to install, designed to function well together, and come ready to use upon arrival, we've got the Mid-Size Ranger tire and rim sets for you. For a little lift and some added ground clearance, we offer 30" tire and wheel kits for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size. And for mud riders who seldom shy away from a messy challenge, our MSA wheel kit with EFX MotoHavok tires will give you ample traction going both forward and in reverse. This pre-mounted wheel and tire combination is a match made in heaven for extreme off-road riders. The wheels incorporate a deep lip protector to guard against flying debris, and the tires are designed with inch-thick tread to give you as much grip as possible on wet, slippery, and loose terrain.

Aggressive tire and wheel combos for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size are great for rutted-out UTV parks and muddy ORV trails. But if you're not particularly partial to mud riding, we also offer pre-mounted tire and wheel kits for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size made for hard-packed trails, sandy dunes, and dirt / gravel roads. Paddle tires and lightweight rims are needed for optimal float and balance when desert riding, which is why MSA rims and EFX Sand Slinger tires pair so nicely together. And for those that want a medium-compound tire material for maximum bite across all riding surfaces, System 3 wheels with DragonFire's X-Country radial tires wrapped around them will give you exceptional traction and precise handling regardless of the area in which you're riding. So if your current tires and wheels are just not cutting it, get the performance you deserve with a pre-mounted Polaris Ranger Mid-Size tire and wheel kit from Everything Polaris Ranger!

35 products

35 products