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From Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size street legal tires to Polaris Ranger 800 Mid-Size street legal windshields, Everything Polaris Ranger is here with all the best street legal parts, street legal accessories, and street legal kits for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger. Regardless of whether you’re after a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size turn signal and horn kit, some Polaris Ranger Mid-Size mirrors, or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size license plate mount, we offer everything you’ll need to make your rig above board and fully compliant with any law!

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With how great of a vehicle the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger is, it’d be a shame to restrict it to dirt trails. You probably were initially attracted to the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger’s off-road capabilities, but it offers much more than just that. The Mid-Size Polaris Ranger offers a much more convenient and enjoyable alternative to your car or truck when it comes to running errands, heading into town for dinner, or heading down the street to visit your buddy. All of this is of course predicated on the fact that you bring your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger up to street legal requirements. Street legal requirements for side by sides and UTVs like the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger will vary by country, state, county, and even city, but there are certain aftermarket street legal accessories that you can count on needing for your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger. Lucky for you, all of these aftermarket universal street legal parts and accessories for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger are available right here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, our wish is that all Mid-Size Polaris Ranger owners can get to experience the convenience, freedom, and enjoyment of having their side by side up to street legal requirements. That’s why we make making the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger street legal as easy as possible by supplying aftermarket UTV street legal kits like the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger UTV/ATV Street Legal Kit by ATV TEK. This kit comes with everything you need to make your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger street legal, including LED blinker lights, LED indicators, toggle switch, horn, horn button, license plate bracket with LED light, connections, wire, and brackets.

Depending on where you live, you might just need to add mirrors and turn signal lights to your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger in order to make it street legal. If you’re looking for a set of mirrors, we recommend checking out the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Elite Series 1 UTV Trifecta Pack by ATV TEK. This street legal mirror pack includes two Elite Sideview mirrors and one Elite rearview mirror. And if you’re looking for a good turn signal kit, take a look at the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Universal Basic Plug and Play Turn Signal System by XTC Power Products. Everything you need to make your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger street legal is right here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Don't restrict your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size to the confines of the Offroad. With a street legal kit on your Mid-Size Ranger, you're one step closer to conducting lawful leisure rides across publicly owned blacktop. Depending on which jurisdiction you're governed by, the requirements for legalizing your UTV for public streets and roads may vary, but there are a few key Polaris Ranger Mid-Size street legal accessories that most states and nations deem necessary for a license. Street legal side-by-side mirrors are one. Some municipalities are less stringent with their mirror demands, requiring only side mirrors. Others, however, require that a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size have both rear-view mirrors and side mirrors to be street legal. Similarly, blinkers and turn signals may or may not be mandatory in accordance with your local code. Some places allow riders to indicate their turns using hand signals. For the places that don't, though, turn signal kits are a must-have Mid-Size accessory if you want a street legal machine. Horn kits are often integrated into turn signal kits, so if a horn is compulsory where you reside, a dual horn blinker kit would definitely make your life easier.

Most states and counties have specific "UTV" classifications that the Mid-Size Ranger falls into. For those riding in Canada, helmets are mandatory, and for people in Europe or the CANZUK countries, laws differ on the matter. For US-based riders, the Department of Transportation acts as the chief governing body at the Federal level, and the use of things like DOT approved windshields as well as other DOT approved accessories may be enforced. Whatever the rules may be where you ride, we've got the solutions. Be it a license plate bracket to mount your shiney new license plate at the legal location or other street legal requirements like brake lights, mirrors, and turn signals, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we've got what it takes to make your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size legal on the streets.

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