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Snorkel Kits

Everything Polaris Ranger offers unbeatable prices on complete Polaris Ranger Mid-Size snorkel kits and components. Protect your intakes with a top-rate Polaris Ranger Mid-Size snorkel setup and ride confidently. Shop now to ensure you have everything you need for your next adventure.

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If you're an owner of a Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, you're not alone in being concerned about what happens when your machine encounters water. Driving through water can be dangerous, especially if you don't have an aftermarket side by side snorkel kit installed. Flooding your engine with water is possibly the worst thing you can do to it and can cause immense damage. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up with costly repairs that might even total your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger.

Investing in an aftermarket UTV snorkel kit is an excellent solution to this problem. If you enjoy mudding or live in an area that's prone to flooding, a snorkel kit is a worthwhile investment. You won't have to worry about sending your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger through a puddle or crossing a stream, which will give you peace of mind while taking your machine on watercourses.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, you can find all the best aftermarket Mid-Size Polaris Ranger snorkel systems and snorkel accessories. We have an exclusive selection of snorkel kits for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger that are supplied by SYA Warrior Riser, High Lifter, and Triangle ATV. They are the market leaders when it comes to aftermarket UTV snorkel systems and snorkel kits. Our recommended snorkel kits include the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 500/570 Snorkel Kit by SYA Warrior Riser and the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 800 Triangle ATV Riser Snorkel Kit by High Lifter. We also supply snorkel system parts like pre-filter tips.

The stock Mid-Size Polaris Ranger intakes and low CVT exhausts on most Ranger models are inadequate when it comes to keeping water out of the system and away from the UTV's engine, belt housing, and clutch. Fortunately, snorkel kits for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger help to make the air intake higher. This prevents water from entering the engine while you are driving through watercourses, and it also reduces the amount of dust that enters the system. Snorkels bring cooler air into the engine and reduce the chance of air-related engine failure. Aftermarket accessories such as an intake relocation kit may also prove beneficial for winter side by side driving, where fine snow and ice can infiltrate the intake system.

Some Mid-Size Polaris Ranger snorkels may require a few modifications and alterations, but others by SYA Warrior Riser or High Lifter's Triangle series can be installed with minimal effort. Before purchasing a snorkel, ensure that you consider the effects it may have on your other Mid-Size Polaris Ranger aftermarket accessories, particularly the rear windshield, back seats, and cargo bed. Regardless of whether you own a Polaris Ranger EV or a 570 Midsize, we have a Polaris Ranger snorkel kit that will work with your machine.

Adding a snorkel to your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger is a bold decision that won't take away from the badass look of your beast; instead, it will add something more savage to its repertoire. The snorkel will give you the ability to charge across watercourses without the fear of water getting into your engine. Our snorkel kits are available for both the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 570 and Ranger EV. Installation is a breeze as they snap and lock into place, and you will lose little time on the trail when the time comes for you to become an amphibian. These snorkels have been tried and tested and are among the best in today's aftermarket UTV industry, so you can choose one for your Side by Side with absolute confidence.