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Prop Shafts

A powerhouse like the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size needs a drive shaft that can withstand not only long days and brute forces, but also intense heat, friction, and corrosion as well as anything else mother nature can throw at it. And while water, mud, and grit can damage a prop shaft, an unbalanced or out-of-phase drive shaft can also damage not only the drive shaft itself but potentially other components of the drivetrain. In a linear drivetrain, the drive shaft should rotate at the same speed as the output yoke and u-joint. But as the output angle changes, it forces the drive shaft to speed up and slow down to keep pace with the rotation of the output yoke, creating torsional and inertial vibration. Through the use of equal operating angles, the non-uniform velocity of the front yoke is canceled out by the non-uniform velocity of the rear yoke, causing the output of the rear u-joint, the rear yoke attached to it, and the driven member to rotate at a constant speed -- and this is what we want, a constant speed to the driven member in your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size.


2 products

2 products

Improper phasing can create a non-uniform velocity in the drive shaft of your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, leading to torsional and inertial driveline vibration. If you drive shaft is damaged beyond all repair, however, phasing or balancing will do little to solve the problem, and you’ll likely need a replacement Polaris Ranger drive shaft. Luckily for you, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the best Mid-Size prop shafts that are strong/durable enough to handle anything and everything your Ranger can give and then some.

Though the prop shafts on your 2020 Ranger 500 are typically built to stand the test of time, there may come a day or reason that you want to replace or change from your factory prop shafts to an aftermarket prop shaft. If this is something that you are contemplating, then you can choose from the options here and know that you are choosing a prop shaft that will exceed your expectations and that will last for years to come. The largest selection of Prop Shafts that we carry are made by SuperATV. SuperATV is one of the biggest names in the UTV aftermarket parts industry. They have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with over and through years of consistently delivering on high quality and high end parts for Side by Side owners across the globe. When you choose a prop shaft that is made by SuperATV you are choosing a brand that you can trust. You can also find prop shafts for your 2020 Ranger 570 and the 2020 Ranger EV.

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