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Steering Wheels

As the primary interface between you and your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, the steering wheel plays an integral role in the drivability, handling, and overall ergonomics of your off-road machine. You can get heated UTV steering wheels for driving in cold climates, quick-release steering wheels that can make room in cramped vehicles and act as a theft deterrent, and side-by-side steering wheels with built-in horns, switches, and buttons to quickly and easily perform a variety of operations. UTV steering wheels provide the driver with tactile feedback, informing him or her of potential problems with the machine’s suspension components, mechanical wear in the steering rack, as well as cracks, splits, or fraying in the tie rod end boots. Some of these issues can be fixed by torquing bolts and final drive castle nuts, while others require other solutions. Yet, if said issues weren’t discovered through steering wheel feedback, they would have surely developed into larger problems.


Some Polaris Ranger riders view their Mid-Size steering wheels as a non-issue. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? However upgrading to an aftermarket steering wheel can not only create aesthetic value, but it can also improve comfort and add convenience. Companies like MPI, Dragonfire Racing, and SuperATV are three among many manufacturers that produce high-end aftermarket Polaris Ranger steering wheels. They provide wheels of various thicknesses for all hand sizes and offer many different steering wheel shapes to optimize the leg room. So regardless of where you use your Ranger, there are unequivocal benefits to be gained from upgrading to an aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size steering wheel.

This is your main point of control for your machine, the point from which you are the captain of your ship. This is where you make the split-second decisions that can win you a race, avoid an accident or add an exhilarating moment to a ride. That is what the steering wheel on your 2020 Ranger 500 is. Here you will find the best of the best steering wheels for your machine and that is a fact. You will find steering wheels for the 2020 Ranger 570 as well as the 2020 Ranger EV and you will be satisfied with your purchase from the first turn of the steering wheel, once it is installed. They are badass additions, nay, badass upgrades that will put a sheepish smile on your face when you look at your machine with pride. These are the upgrades that make you get into your ride just to sit and admire.

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