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Tools / Accessories

As a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size owner, it's essential to have certain tools and accessories on hand, no matter how far out you ride or how many rigs are in your convoy. While some of these may seem obvious, it's always better to be prepared than caught off guard. A snatch block, winch straps, a first aid kit, flashlight, and patch kit are a great start. However, there are several other items that you should keep in the glove box of your Mid-Size Ranger. These include a bug net, Polaris Mid-Size manual, registration and insurance documents, a spare key, a flat tire kit, star driver and bits, maps and trail agreements, and a pad of paper and pencil. Whether you're headed out on a quick ride or a long adventure, having these essential tools and accessories will give you peace of mind and help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

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Moving on to under-seat storage, it is wise to have a spare drive belt, a hatchet (which can also be used as hammer), a brush saw, a large UTV tow strap, a choker, snatch blocks & Crosby clips, a siphon tube, ratchet straps, small metric tools up to at least 19 millimeters with a 3/8” socket and extension rods, a magnet stick, a cheater bar, a first aid kit, misc. When it comes to riding a UTV, it's crucial to be prepared for anything and everything. That's why having the right tools and supplies on hand can make all the difference in a potentially dangerous situation. Below are some essential items that every UTV rider should have stored in their vehicle.

Starting with under-seat storage, it's wise to keep a few crucial items that could help you out of a tough spot. First and foremost, a spare drive belt is a must-have. Additionally, a hatchet can double as a hammer, a brush saw can help clear a path, a UTV tow strap can be a lifesaver, a choker, snatch blocks, and Crosby clips are essential for winching, a siphon tube can help you transfer fuel, ratchet straps and small metric tools up to 19 millimeters with a 3/8" socket and extension rods can assist in making repairs, a magnet stick can retrieve lost metal objects, a cheater bar can provide extra leverage, a first aid kit can help treat injuries, and misc. bolts can be used for various repairs.

A hunting bag containing compasses, knives, flashlights, and a multi-purpose tool can help if you get lost or find yourself in a survival situation. Additionally, jumper cables or an external battery jumper can be a lifesaver if you're riding with only one machine.

For back storage pockets, it's smart to have a few key items on hand. A 1-7/8" ball is useful for towing, toilet paper and grey tape can be used for first aid purposes, electrical tape can be used to make splints, gloves can protect your hands, tie-down straps can secure cargo, electrical wire can be used for repairs, red flags can be essential for safety reasons, and a rain cover can protect your belongings from the elements. A 12-volt air compressor can be stored in the back storage pouch.

When it comes to pre-built tool kits, the one by GTE Tools is highly recommended. It comes with the LugStrong 26" Universal Compact Lug Wrench Set, a Super-Strong Tire Iron & Lug Nut Remover, and a Kobalt flexible shaft nut driver kit. Extra fuses and a can of starter fluid also come in handy.

In addition to a full set of sockets and metric and standard wrenches, it's wise to carry a variety of pliers, including slip jaws, vice grips, and needle nose pliers. Finally, a jack can prove highly beneficial in many situations and can be mounted on the exterior of your Mid-Size Ranger, saving space in the bed and cab. A UTV toolbox can also keep all these tools and supplies safe and organized.

As a UTV rider, your safety should always be your top priority. Having these essential items stored in your vehicle can give you peace of mind and help you tackle any situation that may arise on your next adventure.