Be it through the steering wheel on your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 570, the steering rack on your Mid-Size ETX, or the tie rod on your Mid-Size 800, the steering mechanisms in your side-by-side can greatly affect the feel and overall rideability of your machine. If one component is just slightly off, then so too will be the entire system. Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your UTV’s steering wheel or thinking about an aftermarket power steering kit, anything you do to your rig’s steering system -- regardless of if its big change or a small tweak -- will affect the way you interface with the vehicle. Electronic power steering, in particular, offers tremendous benefits for workers, racers, and trail riders alike. For people who use their Mid-Size Rangers for work-related tasks, installing a power steering kit will reduce fatigue from long days on the job. Racers also prefer power steering kits as they keep the machine going straight, without the driver having to worry about it kicking in and out. And it doesn’t matter if you’re running gravel roads, hard pack, or tracked out trail, if you have power steering, you can overpower the force of your tire hitting a bank or deep rut.


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But which power steering kit is better? In terms of price, SuperATVs Mid-Size Polaris Ranger power steering kit is almost half the price of OEM power steering. And although Polaris likes to claim that their power steering system is calibrated to feel better at higher speeds, to not leak as easily, and to not fit as awkwardly, but when actually driving each system and doing a comparison where the rubber meets the road, you’d be hard pressed to notice a single difference. Polaris does this with their steering racks as well -- making unfunded claims while companies like SuperATV, Shock Therapy, and Rackzilla are out there making equally good -- if not superior -- products to enhance the steering capabilities of the Polaris Ranger. So if you’re looking for some unbiased advice, feel free to reach out. Because at Everything Polaris Ranger we are beholden to only one person, and that person is you!

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