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Is your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger spitting, sputtering, or backfiring through the intake? Does your machine have problems running in water or spontaneously die when idling? If so, you could have issues with your factory Polaris Ranger intake manifold boot. This is a known problem area with the Polaris Ranger, and even if you don’t experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, having a spare intake boot as a backup is wise. Leaks in the factory Mid-Size intake boots cause the machine to not run properly, allowing dirt to enter and causing engine failure. But how do you know if your intake boot is faulty? Aside from abnormal sputtering, there are several ways to check the state of your intake boot. If you’re at home, you can run water over the boots with a garden hose while the engine is idling. If the engine begins to sputter or hiccup while you run water over the boots, then the seal is bad. Even if the rubber boot itself is not ripped or torn, the seal between the engine and the boot itself can leak just enough to cause intermittent stalling from exhaust steam. If you’re lucky, you can catch this before the seal degrades further and allows more dirt to be sucked into the engine and taint your intake tracts. You can also test your intake boots by spraying a little brake clean in the area. Just spray a little flammable brake cleaner by the intake boot and around the air filter to check for air leaks. If the engine immediately dies -- or even just flutters a bit -- you’ve got a problem. Make sure, however, to do this while the engine is cold, and make sure to keep the spray away from the muffler.


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So you’ve done the checks and discovered a faulty intake boot on your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger... now what? Your best bet is to upgrade to an aftermarket intake manifold boot. Moose Racing intake boots work well in the Mid-Size ranger, and although they’re an upgrade from OEM intake boots, they are still only rubber. Many firms make billet intake boots for other Polaris machines -- like the older RZR 900 XP with the dual throttle bodies -- but most of these companies don’t make billet intake boots for the Mid-Size Ranger. An exception is a company called Bike Man Performance. Their high flow billet intake manifolds are high strength and built to last. But at a higher price tag than standard intake boots, it may not be worth it for some riders. Whichever way you’re leaning though, drop us a line with any questions, comments, or concerns, and we’ll help to get your Mid-Size Ranger back up and trail-ready in no time!

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