Front Drive Line / Suspension

Have you experienced issues with aspects of your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger’s driveline? Are driveline vibrations or worn prop shaft U-joints driving you crazy? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to drivetrain issues, there are replacement parts and upgrades that you can make to your Mid-Size Ranger to increase its performance and decrease downtime. Many Mid-Size Polaris Ranger owners benefit greatly from new differential bearings. The US-made SKF bearings are far superior to the Chinese bearings. And they come with new seals to make your front gearcase perform like new.


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Worn out or broken prop shafts can also cause a lot of issues in the driveline. Replacement OEM shafts can cure the symptoms, but in many cases fail to cure the underlying disease. A good driveshaft -- be it a CV or U-Joint style -- needs to be straight as an arrow and balanced to the T to ensure a smooth driveline. And the little touches -- like the inclusion of a sealed boot over the transmission output splines and a clamping front gearcase spline engagement -- can make worlds of difference. When it comes to installing an aftermarket Mid-Size prop shaft, it can be a bit more tricky than a standard OEM Polaris U-joint shaft -- mostly because the OEM shaft is so loose fitting that all you have to do is get it close and the splines match up. This loose fitment, however, is what makes the OEM shaft rattle and vibrate. Especially if you have the close ratio Pro-Lock AWD gearcase, your machine might feel very jumpy when turning on AWD mode on hardpack surfaces -- a problem which is alleviated with a CV-style shaft. With some driveline upgrades like a new prop shaft or transfer case, you can hit higher speeds in your Mid-Size without bad vibrations in the driveline. So if you have an older Mid-Size Polaris Ranger with worn out U-joints, bent tubing, or worn out splines on the end of your prop shaft that are vibrating and making noise, driveline replacement parts are available and will definitely help.

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