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Front Drive Line / Suspension

If you're struggling with driveline issues in your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, such as vibrations or worn prop shaft U-joints, don't worry - there are solutions available! While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to drivetrain problems, there are upgrades you can make to your vehicle to improve its performance and reduce downtime. For example, many Mid-Size Ranger owners have found great success with new differential bearings. US-made SKF bearings are a popular choice, as they are superior to Chinese bearings and come with new seals to help your front gearcase perform like new. With the right replacement parts and upgrades, you can extend the life of your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger and enjoy a smoother, more reliable ride.

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A car's driveline is one of its most crucial components, as it is what transfers power from the engine to the wheels and allows the car to move. However, worn-out or broken parts in the driveline can cause a lot of issues, including strange noises, vibrations, and even damage to other parts of the car. One part of the driveline that is particularly susceptible to damage and wear is the prop shaft.

The prop shaft, also known as the driveshaft, is a long, tubular component that transmits torque from the transmission to the differential. It is typically made of steel or aluminum and has a series of splines on either end that engage with the transmission and differential. However, over time and with heavy use, these splines can wear out, become damaged, or break altogether. Additionally, if the prop shaft becomes bent or unbalanced, it can cause vibrations that are felt throughout the car.

If you're experiencing issues with your driveline, it's important to address them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Replacement OEM shafts can cure some of the symptoms, but they often fail to cure the underlying disease. For a smooth and reliable driveline, it's important to choose a high-quality aftermarket prop shaft that is straight and balanced to ensure minimal vibration and noise.

When installing an aftermarket Mid-Size prop shaft, it can be a bit more difficult than installing a standard OEM Polaris U-joint shaft. The OEM shaft is often loose-fitting, which can cause rattling and vibration. Upgrading to a CV-style shaft can help alleviate these issues, especially if you have a close ratio Pro-Lock AWD gearcase.

Other driveline upgrades, such as a new transfer case, can also help improve driveline performance and reduce vibrations. With these upgrades, you can hit higher speeds without worrying about damaging your car or experiencing bad vibrations.

If you have an older Mid-Size Polaris Ranger with worn-out U-joints, bent tubing, or worn-out splines on the end of your prop shaft, don't wait to address the issue. Driveline replacement parts are readily available and can make a huge difference in the performance and reliability of your car. Trust a high-quality aftermarket prop shaft to keep your driveline running smoothly for years to come.