Front Differential

When it comes to the front differential on the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, there are a host of components that can wear out -- and if you don’t check the fluid levels of your front differential, the problems are only exasperated. Pinion bearings, Sprague carriers / rollers, and housing / transfer cases are all susceptible to wear and tear. Even the smallest of issues in the front differential of a Mid-Size Polaris Ranger can snowball into a complete catastrophe if not dealt with. And while replacing the entire front differential is indeed an option, there are usually smaller issues within the differential that are cheaper to fix. Bearing kits, for example, are cheap, and new Sprague kits are fairly cheap as well. But if the issue is with the differential case or gear sets, you’re gonna have to pony up a little more cash to fix the problem.


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The differential seals are another problem area prone to break and malfunction. Thankfully, the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger was designed in a way that allows you to change the bearings and seals without having to pull the transmission. It is still a little hard to do, but by no means impossible. Careful, though, not to break the cup on the axle when trying to pull it out. Getting the roll pin out can be difficult as well, which is why most riders who work on their own machines replace it with a hardened 5/16” bolt and locking nut to make future repairs easier.

A lot of riders who take things to the extreme and have toasted many front differentials decide to upgrade to a beefier option. Many choose front differentials built for the RZR / HL 1000. The gear ratios are the same but it does require adapter plates or a front frame section swap to run these front differentials on the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size. There are RZR 1000 subframes out there that fix all the frame issues and can be installed on the Mid-Size to accommodate burlier front differentials. And in addition to upgrading, repairing, and rebuilding front differentials, snorkeling them is also advised if you ride through deep mud and water. If you’re new to the UTV scene or just curious about repairing or replacing your rig’s differentials, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you sorted out.

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