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Everything Polaris Ranger is the go-to destination for all your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size body part needs. Whether you're looking for replacement rocker panels, an aftermarket hood, or just want to upgrade your machine's exterior appearance, we've got you covered. As the internet's leading supplier of Polaris Ranger parts, we offer a wide range of body products, including body wraps, Body Armor, Line X, and Raptor Coatings. These UTV body coatings are durable, customizable, and enhance your machine's visual appeal. They can be tinted to any color and have a long lifespan if applied correctly. These coatings are resistant to peeling and fading even if your machine encounters trees, metal gates, and stumps. Choose Everything Polaris Ranger to get your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size looking and performing its best.

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Many Mid-Size riders, particularly those who push the limits of their machines, experience problems with their rocker panels. Instead of constantly replacing them, it is suggested to upgrade to aftermarket rocker panels with built-in rock-sliders or nerf bars. Companies like SuperATV and Ricochet offer excellent rocker panel replacements with protective features. In addition to the rocker panels, many ask about other lower body components of the Mid-Size ranger, as well as hoods and in-cab body accessories. An example is the extra accessory switches, something many Mid-Size riders inquire about adding to their Rangers. Unlike the Full-Size Ranger, the Mid-Size only has two extra cutouts for these switches. There are various ways to add these switches, but the best method is cutting one's holes using a sharp razor on the flat spot of the dash just left of the steering wheel. This allows one to add more switches or move the switches for 4x4/2x4/Turf Mode and mount light switches, radio and USB ports where the precut spots are.

Apart from dashboard switches, the hood design is another aspect of the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size body. Rogue Off-Road provides a great cowl hood for the Ranger, but there are other aftermarket hood options available that can accentuate the Ranger's body and add to its performance.

The Mid-Size Ranger is also known for frequently experiencing problems with its in-cab body accessories. One solution is to upgrade these components with aftermarket parts that are more durable and offer better performance. Some commonly upgraded parts include seats, steering wheels, shift knobs, and pedal covers.

In addition to upgrading specific parts, some riders prefer to give their Mid-Size Rangers a complete overhaul by customizing its appearance. Customization can include adding new lights, decals, and wraps to make your Ranger unique. Additionally, one can upgrade the wheels and tires to improve the Ranger's performance and overall appearance.

To enhance the overall performance of your Mid-Size ranger, one can also upgrade its suspension system. Companies like SuperATV offer high-performance lift kits and suspension systems that can make your Ranger handle better, improve ride quality, and provide better ground clearance.

In conclusion, upgrading the parts of a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size is an excellent way to enhance its performance and look. It enables riders to push their machines to the limit without constantly worrying about component failure. From rocker panels to dashboard switches, customizations, and suspension systems, there are numerous ways to upgrade one's Mid-Size Ranger.