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Heat Shields

From exhaust heat shields and engine heat shields to UTV heat shields for reducing in-cab heat, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to go for all sorts of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heat shields. Polaris has issued recalls over head shield issues in the past, and things like exhaust leaks caused by bad exhaust donut gaskets can also lead to heat-related issues. In some cases, missing or damaged Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heat shields can result in melted plastic. But even if the unshielded areas of your rig don't get hot enough to melt, they can still transfer a significant amount of heat into the cabin. While this might be great for those who live and ride in cold climates, it is brutal for those in warmer regions. So if your factory Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heat shielding keeps developing cracks, if you're missing a heat shield in a particular location, or if you want to add aftermarket heat shields, heat shield mats, or heat reduction tape to your vehicle, we've got everything you need to insulate and protect your side-by-side here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

If your bike is running too lean, the exhaust will likely overheat. And although you can add heat shields to prevent the heat from affecting the surrounding components, a better solution is to get an aftermarket ECU tuner to richen the machine's fuel mapping. With regards to engine heat, many riders choose to install heat shielding designed for firewalls on cars, while others go for UTV-specific heat shielding, which can be riveted onto the body of the buggy with fender washers. In addition to preventing heat-related damage, heat shields for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size will also block noise. So if your UTV is a bit too loud for your liking and you want to muffle the racket and clamor below the hood, the heat shielding we sell can do just that. Whether the plastic bulkhead behind your rear seat has warped in the middle and caused the metal heat shield on the dump body to catch, or if you're after some aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size heat shields to make summer rides more comfortable, Everything Polaris Ranger has all you'll need for any project or repair job!

29 products

29 products