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Whether you’re replacing a worn out OEM Polaris Ranger Exhaust or looking to modify your rig’s sound output, performance, or aesthetics with an aftermarket exhaust, there are many to choose from made by a wide variety of reputable manufacturers. Not only are most aftermarket exhaust systems lighter than their factory counterparts, but they also enable more airflow and are generally better at reducing heat. If you’re seeking a better throttle response -- and don’t mind annoying anyone within earshot -- a DMC Afterburner is a good option. You could also try a slip-on exhaust if you’re interested in something simple for general use. Big Gun, Sparks, and HMF are all well known for both their slip-on mufflers and their full system exhausts.

For those seeking stealth and quieter exhaust systems for hunting, mufflers with spark arrestors and quiet inserts are the way to go. Kolpin’s Stealth Exhaust System lowers your Polaris Ranger noise level substantially both in the cab and at a distance. Unlike other loud exhausts, the tip of Koplin’s Stealth Exhaust is pointed towards the ground, which then bounces the noise upwards instead of outwards when driving. Although not as quiet as walking, it makes a huge difference when compared to an OEM exhaust, and will keep your presence disguised when you’re traveling to and from your camp. So regardless of if you want to be sneaky and low-profile or over-the-top and audibly flamboyant, an aftermarket Polaris Ranger exhaust will put your sound output exactly where you want it.

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