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Clutches & Clutch Kits

Get the most out of your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size with clutch components and kits from Everything Polaris Ranger. These products allow for faster engagements, quicker accelerations, and optimized RPM ranges. Plus, Everything Polaris Ranger also offers clutch rebuild kits, parts, and other clutch-related products, such as clutch pullers and alignment tools. Choose from a selection of high-quality Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch components and enjoy better performance from your vehicle. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, Everything Polaris Ranger has the gear you need to keep your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size running smoothly. Shop online today and experience the difference that quality clutch components can make.

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If you're having issues with the clutch on your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size or are simply looking for a way to get more power to your wheels, an aftermarket clutch kit from Everything Polaris Ranger can help. Upgrading to a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch will improve throttle response, reduce belt slippage, optimize RPM range, and enhance shifting and gear engagement. While the stock Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch is decent for mild terrain and factory configurations, installing heavy accessories, bulky tires, or aftermarket mods can decrease your machine's performance. Engine braking system (EBS) clutches, which use the friction in the engine to help decelerate, are also available for those who frequently drive over steep hills and through mountainous terrain. EBS clutches also offer better stability under heavy loads, making them ideal for towing trailers or plowing snow.

Choosing the right Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch structure for your needs will depend on how and where you ride, as well as the alterations you've made to your stock machine. For example, you might want a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch upgrade to spin massive paddle tires more effectively or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch kit designed for increased torque to pull a duck hunting boat. Regardless of your requirements, Everything Polaris Ranger has the appropriate solution for any situation. With products from reputable UTV clutch makers such as Duraclutch, High Lifter, EPI, and Aftermarket Assassins, you can trust that you're getting quality components.

If you're experiencing issues with your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch, you might not need an entirely new one. Sometimes, all you need is a few clutch components to improve its performance. Replacement Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch springs, for instance, can be installed to better absorb, cushion, and dampen torsional vibrations, which creates less fluctuation in the delivery of engine power and makes clutch engagement smoother and more fluid. You can also replace and adjust your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch weights to achieve a variety of outcomes.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, you'll find Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutches, clutch kits, and clutch components for correcting larger tires, achieving faster top speeds, or maximizing torque for deep mud riding. Manufacturers such as SuperATV, QSC, RVS Performance, and Outlaw specialize in Polaris Ranger clutches, with clutch kits for every purpose, from hauling heavy loads and reducing gear ratios to improving shiftability and mitigating belt slippage.

Having a well-functioning clutch is important for a great UTV experience. A combination of the best parts, mechanical work, and rider skill makes for an optimal ride. Everything Polaris Ranger can help you achieve optimal performance by providing you with the best parts for your machine and guiding you to make the best choices for your Polaris Ranger. Whether you have a Ranger 500 or a Ranger 570, or even a Ranger EV, Everything Polaris Ranger has the clutches and clutch kits you need.