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Achieve quicker engagements, faster accelerations, and optimized RPM ranges with the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch components, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutches, and Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch kits from Everything Polaris Ranger. And on top of the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch kits, clutch rebuild kits, and clutch parts available at Everything Polaris Ranger, we also sell clutch-related products like Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch pullers and clutch alignment tools!

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If you’ve fried the clutch on your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size or are simply looking for a better way to get power down to your wheels, an aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch kit will set you straight. Not only will a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch from Everything Polaris Ranger give you increased throttle response, but it’ll also reduce belt slippage, optimize your rig’s RPM range, and improve both shifting and gear engagement. While the stock Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch works reasonably well on mild terrain with the factory configuration, if you’ve installed heavy accessories, bulky tires, or aftermarket mods, you’ll likely notice decreases in the performance of your machine. Furthermore, for those who drive over steep hills and through mountainous terrain, engine braking system (EBS) clutches can be installed that use the friction in the engine to help you decelerate -- as opposed to having to constantly ride your brakes while descending. EBS clutches also help to stabilize the UTV under heavy loads, be it in the back while towing a trailer or in the front while plowing snow. But whatever you’re after in a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch, clutch kit, or clutch part, you’re sure to find it here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

While it’s true that certain clutches for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size are stronger and more reliable than others, not all Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutches are suitable for every use case. There are myriad potential setups and even more part permutations out there, so the right clutch structure for you will depend on how / where you ride as well as the alterations you’ve made to your stock machine. You might want a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch upgrade to spin your massive paddle tires more effectively, or you might want a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch kit that’s designed for increased torque that allows you to pull a duck hunting boat. But regardless if you’re after a Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size clutch kit, a Polaris Ranger 500 Mid-Size clutch, or a new Polaris Ranger Mid-Size secondary clutch, we carry it all and more at Everything Polaris Ranger!

It doesn’t matter if you desire the performance gains that aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutches provide, or some replacement clutch parts to correct for various Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch problems, you’ll find the appropriate solution for any situation here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Some Polaris Ranger clutches whine like crazy, while others are difficult to remove. Regarding the former, things like G-Boost belts and Giloman primary clutch kits will often fix the issue, and for the latter, we offer Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch removal tools that make removing your clutch child’s play. You don’t necessarily need each and every tool for all aspects of your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch, but owning the right Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch puller will save you from countless headaches in the long run. A forked ball joint tool can also be used in a pinch, but however you remove your clutch to make repairs / upgrades, always make sure to grease the clutch bolt and use brake cleaner on the shaft to ensure that the threads are nice and clean.

Depending on your riding style, you might not need an entirely new Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch, but rather, only a few Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch components. Replacement Polaris Ranger MId-Size clutch springs, for example, can be installed to better absorb, cushion, and dampen torsional vibrations, which creates less fluctuations in the delivery of engine power and makes the engagement of the clutch smoother and more fluid. Like primary and secondary clutch springs, you can also replace and adjust your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutch weights to achieve a variety of ends. If your clutch weights are too light, your rig might rev too high on the top end. That being said, because the air is thinner at higher elevations, your engine will deliver less horsepower while riding in the mountains, making the use of lighter clutch weights appropriate. While lighter springs can also be used to lower your bike’s RPMs, some riders like to swap out both their clutch springs and clutch weights to achieve the desired RPM range.

Be it to correct for larger tires, to hit faster top speeds, or to maximize torque for deep mud riding, you can do it all with the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size clutches, clutch kits, and clutch components from Everything Polaris Ranger! And with products from big-name UTV clutch makers like Duraclutch, High Lifter, EPI, and Aftermarket Assassins, you know you’re in good hands when shopping at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Whether you’re trying to replace a secondary spring for the clutch in your 570 Mid-Size or looking for a complete revamp with a new aftermarket clutch kit for your Mid-Size, there are many manufacturers that specialize in Polaris Ranger clutches. SuperATV for instance, has spent years developing and fine tuning their clutch kits in order to optimize your Ranger’s performance. QSC, RVS Performance, and Outlaw are also well known for their clutches, with clutch kits for every purpose, from hauling heavy loads and reducing gear ratios to improving shiftability and mitigating belt slippage. Regardless of your driving style or the type of terrain in your area, if it is a Mid-Size clutch kit or clutch component that you’re after, Everything Polaris Ranger has you covered!

There is nothing like the freedom of an optimally working UTV. Your clutch plays a major role in the quality of ride that you experience from your machine. A combination of the best parts, the best mechanical work, and the best rider make for the best ride that you look forward to enjoying each time that you head out on the trail or race course. We can help you to achieve optimal performance where providing you with the best parts for your machine is concerned and where guiding you to make the best choices for your Ranger are concerned. You can rely on the brands that you will find here who will provide you with the clutches and clutch kits that you need for your Ranger 500 and the Ranger 570 . You can also find excellent clutch upgrades and kits if you have the Ranger EV. The more time that you spend with your machine, the more you will be able to and want to fine-tune it.

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