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Cargo Racks

Despite its limited cargo space and carrying capacity, the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size can still be optimized to fit all your equipment, tools, and spare parts by using the right cargo rack. Whether you need to haul emergency supplies or a 20-point buck, the Polaris Ranger Farming/Hunting Utility Rack by Razorback Offroad or the Rear Basket Storage Rack by Trail Armor are great options for Mid-Size Ranger owners. Tool headache racks that mount just behind the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size's rear windscreen can help keep the bed open and your tools organized. Alternatively, roof racks are also popular, allowing you to haul canoes/kayaks or boards/plywood from your local lumber yard. You can also customize your UTV cargo rack with light bars, cube lights, and LED whips for supplementary illumination, as well as chainsaw scabbards, gun clamps, bar-mounted spare tire carriers, and cooler trays. With a wide selection available at Everything Polaris Ranger, you're sure to find the perfect unit to meet your needs.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Cargo Racks?

Assessing Cargo Capacity for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size

Select a cargo rack that can effectively handle your specific cargo needs without impacting the performance and stability of your Polaris Ranger when out and about.

It's crucial to strike a balance between the cargo weight and the dynamic capabilities of your UTV. Typically, cargo capacities range from 100 to 300 pounds, so choose one that aligns with both your current and anticipated cargo needs.

It’s best to have a bit more and not need it compared to needing a bit more space and not having it.

Material Quality and Durability

Focus on cargo racks made from materials like steel or aluminum as these two can hold lots of stuff while also being durable when it comes to impacts.

Steel offers robustness but can add significant weight and may be prone to corrosion, while aluminum provides a lighter, corrosion-resistant option. 

Ensure the construction is sturdy, with durable components and secure mounting plates as all of these components together make the whole story.

Cargo Rack Type and Installation Location

Choose the type and location of the cargo rack based on your specific needs and what you want to carry.

Rear cargo racks offer ample space for gear, making them suitable for carrying larger equipment. 

Front cargo racks are great for quick access but consider the potential for obstructed visibility and limited capacity. 

Roof racks work well for longer items, and bed extenders maximize the use of the bed space. Reflect on your usual load and the typical environments you navigate in to determine the most suitable rack type for your Polaris Ranger.

Aerodynamics and Noise Consideration

It's also vital to consider the aerodynamics of the cargo rack since this will determine how fast you can go with it.

A poorly designed rack can create drag, impacting fuel efficiency and the overall driving experience. 

Additionally, racks that aren't aerodynamically optimized can generate noise at higher speeds, which can be a nuisance during long drives. 

Look for designs that complement the aerodynamic profile of your Polaris Ranger to minimize these issues and make your journeys more comfortable.

Installation and Accessibility

Ease of installation and accessibility of your cargo should also be considered when looking to buy one.

A rack that's easy to install and doesn't require extensive modifications to your Polaris Ranger is ideal. 

Also, think about how the rack will affect your access to the vehicle's bed or roof and your ability to easily load and unload cargo.