Whether you’re descending a steep hill or decelerating as you approach a 4-way intersection, get the best Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brakes and rotors for unmatched stopping power from the web’s preeminent UTV parts provider: Everything Polaris Ranger! Our Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pads last longer than the competition, while our Polaris Ranger Mid-Size emergency brakes are super handy during transport and when parking on unlevel terrain.


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UTV brake fluid, side-by-side brake lines and cables, and brake shoes are all important aspects of the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size braking system, and each of which plays an essential role in bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. But when it comes to sheer braking power, it really boils down to the contact points between the front and rear Polaris Ranger Mid-size brake pads and their respective brake rotors. If a brake pad is worn down and used up, its stopping power will be greatly diminished. A bent Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake rotor can also affect the ride in your buggy, rubbing down the brake pads, creating annoying vibrations, and putting excess strain on the engine and other drivetrain components. Regardless of your Mid-Size model, be it a 200, 570, EV, ETX, or anything in between, if you can’t effectively slow down and stop when you engage the brakes, you have a serious problem on your hands -- making brakes an invaluable aspect of any side-by-side. Thankfully, we here at Everything Polaris Ranger have solutions for almost any issue out there. Be it aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pads, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake lines, or Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake shoes, you name it, we’ve got it at Everything Polaris Ranger. Simply send us your machine’s VIN / PIN number and we’ll take it from there! After all, they don’t call us the side-by-side experts for nothing!

The right brake setup for you and your off-road buggy will depend heavily on the terrain you ride, the speeds at which you ride, and the amount of braking you do while riding. Brass Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pads, for example, are excellent for those who ride in mud and water. Although brass brake pads will wear out quickly if you use them to decelerate while riding fast or during stretches of prolonged downhill riding, they’ll certainly outlast other types of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pads when subjected to wet and abrasive ground conditions. Similarly, due to their porousness, sintered metal brake pads for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size also function well under varied weather conditions, ranging from rain and snow to dry and dusty heat. However, if you don’t couple your sintered brake pads with Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake rotors designed specifically for sintered pads, they’ll wear out incredibly quickly. Whatever the case may be for your personal situation, we’ve got the perfect set of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pads that’ll both last long and enable you to stop on a dime!

If you’ve already installed some Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pad replacements, conducted the appropriate Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake adjustments, and are still experiencing brake issues, you might need to top up your Polaris Ranger MId-Size brake fluid reservoir or bleed your brake lines completely and then throw some fresh brake fluid in there. If that still doesn’t do the trick, you might need a new Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake pressure switch or perhaps even a replacement brake master cylinder. But when things go wrong with your rig’s braking system, don’t fret, because we’re here to help get your bike going again at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Slowing down is one thing, and without Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake rotors and Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake calipers, your stopping capabilities would be null. But how about keeping your vehicle stationary when it’s parked on a steep grade or atop a UTV trailer? For this, a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size parking brake works wonders! The EZ-Pull parking brake is a solid option, and there are other Polaris Ranger Mid-Size parking brake upgrades that’ll also keep your bike stationary when you don’t want it going anywhere. You can get complete Polaris Ranger Mid-Size parking brake assemblies, or specific components like parking brake release handles. And in some cases, it might appear like your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size e-brake is broken, but in reality, all it’ll take are a few parking brake adjustments to bring it back to life!

From Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brake switches and parking brakes to replacement brake pads, brake locks, and brake rotors, we carry all the best products to help slow your rig down and keep it stationary when parked. We’ve got products like brake spring kits that go on the pins between your brake pads to keep them from chattering, as well as Polaris Ranger Mid-Size braking components like brake lines and brake line extensions that can be used after an accident or when running things like portal gear lifts. No matter what brake-related part, kit, or assembly you need, though, chances are we carry it at Everything Polaris Ranger!

In addition to standard brake components, many riders have come to us irked over the fact that their Polaris Ranger Mid-Size didn’t come with a stock parking brake. If you’ve ever put your side by side in park on an incline, you know how hard it can be to get it going again. The gears can bind and get hung up, making it extremely difficult to get your UTV out of park. Experience this one time and you’ll start parking sideways on hills to prevent it from ever happening again. There is a better solution, though, and it comes in the form of an aftermarket Polaris Ranger parking brake. E-brakes and parking brake assists will enable you to park your side by side on slopes without the fear of sliding down the hill or becoming stuck in the park gear. So if you’re on the hunt for a Polaris Ranger parking brake or simply looking for set of Mid-Size brake pads that can withstand the punishment of mud, sand, and grit, we’ve got all the best Polaris Ranger brakes and braking components for your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger.

Having brakes that you can depend on while out on the trail or course is a given. The brakes that you choose for your machine can literally make the difference in an accident. We take the wondering out of what would be the best brakes for your machine as we provide you with the best and only the best. You can rest assured that when you head out on your next adventure that you will have the best aftermarket UTV brakes that money can buy and that your safety and that of your passengers is taken care of. The replacement brake pads that you need for your Ranger 500 and Ranger 570 can be found here as well as those for your Ranger EV for which you can also get a Brake Lock Parking Assist. When we say that we carry only the best brands these include SuperATV, Moose and Trail Armor all of whom have earned their places in the aftermarket UTV industry via years of work and consistent development of reliable and long-lasting parts.

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