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Batteries and Chargers

When you think of aftermarket Polaris Ranger accessories, Polaris Ranger batteries and Polaris Ranger chargers are probably not the first components that come to mind. Yet the battery in your Polaris Ranger acts as the vehicle’s powerhouse, providing energy when and where it is needed to a variety of electronic devices and components. Despite the importance of Polaris Ranger batteries and chargers, many don’t appreciate them until they either stop working or run out of juice. If you’re looking to supe up your Polaris Ranger with a winch, heating system, safari light rack, or any number of Polaris Ranger aftermarket accessories that rely on a steady flow of electricity to properly function, a quality Deep Cycle or SLI battery is imperative -- or a hybrid of the two. And if you’ve ever been stuck in the boonies with an uncharged battery, you can surely comprehend the extreme value in having a high-quality battery charger. Further, battery maintainers and Smart Chargers -- which vary the voltage and current based on the battery's charge state -- can also help to maximize your battery’s output and are perfect for casual riders with machine’s that are not frequently in use.

26 products

26 products

Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we understand the importance of a well-functioning electric system underpinned by a quality battery and backup battery charger. Because no matter how big and bad your side-by-side accessories are if they draw electricity from your rig’s battery, they are limited by it. Therefore, a strong, low-maintenance battery -- like those by Moose or Yusma -- can make the difference between a good ride, and a great ride. Whether you’re powering the heating system in your fully enclosed Midsize 570 or running the automatic windshield wipers in your Polaris Ranger EXT, a quality aftermarket battery will help you power all your UTV accessories regardless of the weather.

You can never be too prepared when you are out on the trail or racing along a course out on treacherous terrain. Though it may seem unlikely, it is better to be caught out with a battery charger than to not have one and to have to wait. If you are at home, then checking the voltage of your battery before you head out can save you a lot of headaches. Then there is the overall need for the best batteries that riders and pro racers across the world turn to and depend on. The beauty in all of the above is that you can find it all here at Everything Polaris Ranger with ease and with the comfort of knowing that you have the highest quality in today’s market at your fingertips. Whether you are marching your 2020 Ranger 500 across the trickiest terrain you have encountered yet, or you have decided to take a camping trip with your 2020 Ranger 570 or if this is your first real adventure out into the wild with your 2020 Ranger EV, you can trust that the battery tester and charger that you used before you left your garage gave you the accurate readings and ample charge and that should the battery you are running on fail, that you jumper cables that you have with you will be there to save the day.

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