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Windshield Wipers

Discover wipers like you’ve never seen before thanks to our specialized Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers section – your go-to for maintaining a clear view up ahead! Our selection features all-encompassing windshield wiper washer kits, expertly designed to remove even the most stubborn dirt, and high-torque motors for quick, smooth wipes. Explore our range of precision-engineered wiper blades, including universal options and specific fits for the Mid-Size Ranger, for impeccable cleaning. Opt for adjustable wipers and electric motors for a custom fit and rely on our extensive assortment of replacement parts for sustained quality and performance. Order now and ensure your Ranger can handle anything, be it rain, snow, or dust!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers?

Manual vs. Automatic Wipers for Polaris Ranger

Manual Wipers

If you want something simple, affordable, and fool-proof, manual wipers are your best bet because they offer straightforward functionality, perfect for mid-size Polaris Ranger owners who encounter mild weather or prefer a basic setup.

They are easy to install and remove, making them suitable for users who don't require frequent windshield cleaning.

Automatic Wipers

Automatic Polaris Ranger wipers provide a hands-free operation and are a lot more convenient to live with, essential for maintaining visibility in constant rain or muddy conditions.

Even though they do cost a lot more money, they are what all of us are used to with our cars.

Build Materials and Durability

Be sure to opt for wipers made from marine-grade stainless steel or high-quality rubber, especially crucial for the Polaris Ranger, which tends to often face harsh conditions and sub-standard weather.

Also be sure to choose blades that withstand UV damage, extreme temperatures, and wear to ensure longevity.

Blade Length and Compatibility

Also, make sure the wiper blades fit your mid-size Polaris Ranger's windshield. Incorrect sizes lead to ineffective cleaning and potential visibility hazards while also destroying your wipers in the process.

For complete windshields, blades should span the entire area, while specific designs are needed for half or foldable windshields

Motor Strength and Adjustability

The strength of the motor is also very important since a weak motor won’t be able to wipe out heavy rainfall or even moderate snow. Integrated washers are also a very good idea.

Motors with adjustable speeds are also welcome since these will allow you to alter the intensity at which your wipers clean your windshield

The Polaris Ranger is a true all-season UTV, and with decently adjustable wipers, that is going to be the best choice.

Replacement Parts and Maintenance

Look for wipers with parts that are easy to replace, ensuring your mid-size Polaris Ranger remains ready for all weather conditions.

Affordable and readily available components like blades and motors are crucial for hassle-free upkeep.

Consider quieter wipers for a more pleasant driving experience, especially important if you have a full cabin enclosure.