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Carry more cargo and gain another location to mount lights, gun boots, spare tires, and external gas tanks with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack from Everything Polaris Ranger! Our Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size safari racks, and Polaris Ranger Mid-Size headache racks are designed and fabricated with the utmost attention to detail, with features like tie-down anchors, slots for lights, and attachment points that work with any brand / style of UTV roof!

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Few accessories are as multi-functional as Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks. You can use them for extra storage, you can mount light bars on them, or you can use them to haul items that are too big to fit in your cargo bed. Some roofs for the Polaris Ranger come with pseudo racks / rails through which ropes and straps can be looped, but if you want to make things easier, you can’t beat an aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack like the ones available at Everything Polaris Ranger. Not only are our roof racks strong, reliable, and robust, but they’re also lightweight so that your rig doesn’t become overly topheavy. Pick up a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof-mount gun rack for hunting, or get yourself a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack onto which you can place a canoe for lake fishing. But whatever you do, make sure to procure your roof rack from Everything Polaris Ranger to ensure that you never overpay for high-quality products!

Any roof rack that’s worth a darn should be powder coated to not only look good, but to also prevent rust and corrosion. A good Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack should also come with useful features that riders can utilize to make life easier in the field. Roof racks with multiple tie-down points, for example, are great for those who plan on loading heaps of cargo atop their vehicle. Similarly, a roof rack that’s manufactured with pre-designed holes for light bars, work lights, and cube lights are perfect for riders who need more illumination than the headlights alone can provide. Finally, the best roof racks for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size are almost always easy to install, and they work seamlessly with both factory and aftermarket roofs. After all, if your aftermarket roof rack doesn’t integrate with your roof, but instead requires significant modifications, then what’s the point? You may as well make your own homemade Polaris Ranger roof rack if it requires a commensurate amount of effort. Thankfully though, the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks we sell can be bolted on quickly with minimal effort using common household tools! And with Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks by companies like Aprove UTV, Thumper Fab, Quack Rack, and Ranch Armor, the roof racks we sell are made by leaders in the industry!

In addition to quality construction and well-thought-out designs, the size of a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack is also important. Generally speaking, the appropriate Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack dimensions will match the footprint of your roof in terms of length and width. But depending on your particular needs as well as the overhead clearance where you drive, you might be better off with either a taller or shorter roof rack. For example, if you mostly trail ride through wooded areas where low-hanging branches are commonplace, a shorter Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack will snag less frequently. In wide-open areas such as deserts, prairies, and scablands however, the only thing that a tall roof rack will affect is your rig’s center of balance. But with some wheel spacers to achieve a lower center of gravity, even topheavyness will prove to be a non-issue! 

Polaris Ranger Mid-Size top racks, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size safari racks, and Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roofs with built-in racks are popular among ranchers, farmers, hunters, and leisure riders alike. They’re just as good at transporting construction materials as they are at holding overnight cargo, camping supplies, and hunting gear. Many riders like to use Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks to hold tools and spare parts in case something happens in the field, while other riders use their Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks to haul innertubes, kayaks, and pontoon boats for fishing and recreation. But regardless of the uses you have in mind for a Poalris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack, the products available at Everything Polaris Ranger will help you bring them to fruition!

Some riders require full-blown roof racks that span the entire length and width of their UTV’s roof. Others, however, can get by with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size headache rack. Unlike roof racks, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size headache racks don’t increase the height of your vehicle. So if you use an enclosed toy hauler, have a low-entrance garage, or frequently ride under gates / bridges, a headache rack might be right for you. Things like winches and chase lights can be mounted onto headache racks, and so too can fuel packs and spare tire brackets. But regardless of whether a roof rack or headache rack better suits your needs, either type of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cargo rack can be obtained right here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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