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Roof Racks

Add functionality and versatility to your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size with a roof rack from Everything Polaris Ranger. Our roof racks are designed with precision and include features such as tie-down anchors, attachment points that work with any style of UTV roof, and slots for lights. With a roof rack, you can carry more cargo and easily mount accessories like spare tires, gun boots, and external gas tanks. Whether you need a safari rack or a headache rack, we offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Don't let limited space hold you back - add a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack from Everything Polaris Ranger to take your UTV adventure to the next level.

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Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks are one of the most versatile accessories available for the Polaris Ranger. These racks come in handy when you need extra storage space, want to mount light bars or need to transport items that cannot fit in your cargo bed. A few Polaris Ranger models come with pseudo racks or rails, but purchasing an aftermarket Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack from a company like Everything Polaris Ranger makes things easier.

Not only are these roof racks strong, robust and reliable, but they are also lightweight to prevent your vehicle from becoming excessively top-heavy. You may want to get a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof mount gun rack for hunting, or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack for lake fishing. However, it is important to purchase your roof rack from a reputable dealer to ensure that you get high-quality products at an affordable price.

When selecting a roof rack, it should be powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. It should also include useful features such as multiple tie-down points for hauling large cargo or design holes for light bars, work lights, and cube lights for better illumination. The best Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks are those that are easy to install and work seamlessly with both factory and aftermarket roofs. In contrast, those that require significant modifications may not be worthwhile. Roof racks from companies like Aprove UTV, Thumper Fab, Quack Rack, and Ranch Armor are leaders in the industry and are therefore of good quality.

In addition to quality construction and well-thought-out designs, the size of a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack is equally important. Generally, the appropriate dimensions will match the footprint of your roof in terms of length and width. However, your needs and the overhead clearance where you drive might require a taller or shorter roof rack. For example, a shorter roof rack is better for trail riding through wooded areas, while a taller one is appropriate for wide-open areas like deserts, prairies, and scablands.

Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks are popular among ranchers, farmers, hunters, and leisure riders alike. They can transport construction materials, overnight cargo, camping supplies, and hunting gear. Riders can use Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof racks to hold tools and spare parts in case something happens in the field. Other riders use their roof racks to carry kayaks, pontoon boats and innertubes for fishing and recreation. Everything Polaris Ranger has a wide variety of roof racks for all your needs.

Some riders require full-blown roof racks that span the entire length and width of their UTV's roof. Others, however, can get by with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size headache rack. Unlike roof racks, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size headache racks do not increase the height of your vehicle. So if you use an enclosed toy hauler, have a low-entrance garage, or frequently ride under gates/bridges, a headache rack might be right for you. Things like winches, chase lights, fuel packs, and spare tire brackets can be mounted onto headache racks. Whatever suits your needs, you can get your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof rack or headache rack from Everything Polaris Ranger.