Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Give your passengers some added support and stability with a couple Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roll bar handles or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size grab bar from Everything Polaris Ranger. Be it passenger grab handles for the Mid-Size, paracord grab handles for the horizontal roll bars, or front / rear Polaris Ranger Mid-Size grab bars, we carry it all here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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There are conveniences you love to have in your Polaris General XP or Polaris General 1000, and then there are accessories that you simply must have - roll bar grab handles are definitely in the second bucket. Too often, these game-changing safety features are passed over for the “blingier” additions. All it takes is one bruised tailbone or a bit of whiplash, however, and you’re suddenly in the market. Speaking of, our collection of roll bar handles at Everything Polaris Ranger was curated with rough riders in mind. This means no flimsy, spindly little straps or painstakingly difficult mounting. No, only the sturdiest and most well-designed handles make our cut, including best-selling handles from Seizmik, PRP, Quadboss, and other well-reviewed retailers. We know you don’t want to spend ten minutes unbolting stuff from the roll bars on your Polaris General XP every time you want to move something, so we’ve balanced extreme durability with versatility, featuring plenty of velcro or quick-clamp bar handles that will stay put when they need to, but come off in seconds when you’re ready to move them around.

In your mom’s old minivan, they may have seemed like peace of mind above all else, but in a rut-busting Polaris General XP, our steel- and aluminum-reinforced handles are very much a multi-purpose utility. First and foremost, simply getting into and out of your Polaris General is much easier with a sturdy roll bar handle, and having one just may make the difference between a fun jaunt and staying home for those who need the extra help. Of course, during the ride, a solid piece like this Polaris Ranger Steel Grab Handle by Seizmik will allow you to push your side by side harder on rougher terrain without worrying about you or your passengers bouncing around like crazy. You can even go for a lighted grab bar handle to add another layer of functionality, boosting interior visibility for night rides. Even if you don’t routinely use a roll bar handle for your Polaris General, on the one day that you take your side x side out in the rain (and have to contend with a slick floor), you will be very glad to have it. It only takes one time, and one second to wipe out hard and bust one of your own accessories, if you know what we mean.

We currently have a solid variety of grab bar handles available for your Polaris General, but to give you a rough idea of the usual specs, here’s a quick breakdown. First, the general construction involves super-heavy-duty velcro straps, steel, and/or billet aluminum. In addition, textured and/or contoured grips allow for sustained use without discomfort. As mentioned, we have lighted grab bars that can be conveniently turned off during daytime riding as well. Most of our grab bars come as a pair, and accommodate the vast majority of Polaris General vehicles as far as fitment as concerned. Best of all, you can generally put these bars wherever you want, accommodating front and rear passengers as well as yourself. If you have a higher vehicle that’s tougher to get into, or if you’re parked on not-so-stable ground (it happens), grab bars are an absolute must for anyone using your side x side!

Though we frequently lean on steel and precision-machined billet aluminum as the backbone of our Polaris XP and Polaris General 1000 roll bar handles, texturized rubber is also a key feature for two major reasons. First and foremost, nobody wants to shred their hands on a rough, scratchy grip, so to make our cut, every roll bar handle must have an ergonomically intelligent grip for comfort. You can white-knuckle to your heart’s content, and though we can’t guarantee you won’t have sore knuckles, at least your hands won’t be severely calloused or cut up to boot. Several of our roll bar grab handles like this one from Seizmik also utilize rubber stabilizers to keep the bar from shifting up and down the bar or rotating around it during even the toughest rides. It doesn’t matter if you’re clutching that thing for dear life or peacefully enjoying a quiet ride through the country - that thing is not moving until you undo the straps. This is the mark of a conscientiously engineered product, and it’s the standard we strive for: a perfect balance between raw strength and intelligent design.

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