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Hand Controls

Discover how easy it is to drive a side-by-side vehicle with a disability using the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size hand controls from Everything Polaris Ranger. Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy riding again with our products designed to help make steering a breeze. The Polaris Ranger Mid-Size spinner knobs make turning the steering wheel easier, while our single-pin, tri-pin, and palm-style steering wheel grips are perfect for riders who face difficulty in opening their hands completely. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we believe that disabilities shouldn't hinder you from doing the things you love. So, why not give our UTV hand control products a try and ride to your heart's content? Visit us today and find out how our products can make a difference in your driving.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris Ranger Hand Controls?

Hand Control Types for Polaris Ranger

Identifying the most suitable hand control type for your mid-size Polaris Ranger depends on various factors, and of course, your preferences.

Palm grips are excellent for long journeys, reducing hand fatigue and offering comfort, particularly beneficial for drivers with hand issues.

In more demanding environments, such as wet or muddy conditions, tri-pin grips ensure a secure hold, enhancing control. For drivers who prefer agile handling and swift responses, single-pin grips, with their streamlined design, are ideal. 

For additional support and an alternative to conventional steering methods, ergonomic V grips provide extra leverage, helping those who need more steering assistance.

Experience these hand control types in real driving situations to determine the best choice for your Polaris Ranger usage. Consider first how they will aid in your driving, followed by comfort, and finally their aesthetic appeal and long-term compromises.

Durability of Hand Controls

The best hand controls are made from robust materials like sturdy plastics or metals such as aluminum, which offer long-lasting durability and a comfortable feel. 

In environments prone to moisture or rough usage, hand controls with anti-corrosive properties and protective coatings are advantageous. 

Make sure that the controls are equipped with strong mounting systems and resilient fasteners for enduring performance.

Installation Simplicity and Design Focused on the User

Selecting hand controls that are straightforward to install and adjust is also recommended since simplicity is always a good thing.

They should come with comprehensible instructions or even video guides for ease of installation. 

Consider controls that feature adaptability in their design, allowing for customization to fit various hand sizes and preferences, thus enhancing the driving experience in your Polaris Ranger.

Advanced Features and Adjustability

Hand controls with added features like tactile feedback, resistance to heat, or features that minimize vibration can significantly elevate the comfort level, particularly on lengthy rides or in tough terrain situations. 

These additional aspects can enhance precision and control in challenging driving conditions.

The ability to adjust your hand controls in terms of angle, height, or positioning is a significant ergonomic benefit. 

Customizable controls can reduce physical strain and tailor the driving experience to your specific needs in the Polaris Ranger.