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Turn Signal Kits

Turn your Polaris Ranger Full-Size into an amphibious street-legal beast with a Polaris Ranger Turn Signal Kit form Everything Polaris Ranger. With a wide selection of Polaris Ranger blinker kits to choose from you can get what you need out of a signal kit, no more, no less. Find a signal kit with a plug & play replacement rear tail light harness and mid harness that runs up to the steering wheel, with left and right turn single LED arrow indicators, a wheel-mounted lever, as well as hazard lights. There are steering kits that light up your license plate, and kits with 4- or 7-pin trailer plugs for towing. Whatever your turning kit needs may be, we’ve got the solution. Need to go into stealth mode? Get a signal kit with a blackout switch to kill the rear lights on a moments notice. Whether you’re out west hunting coyotes or down south helping to alleviate the hog epidemic, if you’re like most outdoor folk, you probably don’t want others to know where your hunting spots are when traveling to and from your deer stand or waterfowl blind. Simply hit the blackout switch and you become invisible at night and in the early mornings.

Find a kit that uses OEM connectors and harnesses, stock rear lights as blinkers, and get your signal kit up and running in minutes. Corbin Customs makes a very well-made kit, and so does SuperATV. Throw in a horn for good measure and you’ll decrease the dangers of riding in the dark by leaps and bounds. If you’re wanting to make your Polaris Ranger Full-Size street legal, if you do a lot of driving in the dark, or if you simply want the safety benefits that come with better on-road signaling and communication, a Polaris Ranger Turn Signal Kit is the answer.

Safety should be your top priority, and we understand that. That is why we are proud to provide you with a comprehensive selection of turn signaling solutions. Whether you are looking for a Polaris Ranger Turn Signal Kit, a Polaris Ranger Street Legal Kit, or a Polaris Ranger Blinker Kit, you are bound to find exactly what you need here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Thanks to plug and play technology advances, pairing the perfect turn signal system with your Polaris Ranger has never been easier.

All of our UTV turn signal kits are specifically crafted and engineered with your Polaris Ranger in mind. True customization at your fingertips. With added safety features that make installation a snap, such as color coded and labeled wiring, fully supplied mounts and hardware, easy to follow instructions, and so much more, you will be able to upgrade your Polaris Ranger quickly and without ripping your hair out. We know that it can be daunting to consider tackling any upgrade that involves electrical components, and many may believe it is only a professional mechanic that can do this. We are happy to say, that is no longer the case with our selection of user friendly kits. They are so easy to install, even a child could do it. (We do not recommend allowing children near wires of sort).  

When you add any one of our weather sealed turn signal kits, you will experience a whole new level of safety and enjoyment from your ride. Visibility should not be placed on the back burner. Make yourself seen and heard out on the road, especially in inclement weather conditions or dark nights. Keep you and your fellow riders safe is our top priority and we are glad to provide you all the options you need to make it yours as well. We know you will regret not adding one of these kits sooner. Also, if you have any questions about selecting the right kit or options for your Polaris Ranger, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to help you find the perfect safety upgrade for your ride today!

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