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Tire & Wheel Kits (Pre-Mounted)

From 12" Polaris Ranger Crew wheel and tire kits to pre-mounted tire and wheel kits with 14" rims and extreme mud tires, Everything Polaris Ranger has everything you need to upgrade your Crew-Cab Ranger tire and wheel setup. We've got Bighorn Radial tires by Maxxis that come pre-mounted on STI's Radiant rims, Carnivore 8-ply tires wrapped around MSA M20 Kore wheels, and other great combinations of tires and wheels from the industry's leading aftermarket side-by-side part providers. It makes no difference whether you ride for leisure, work, or a little of both, you'll be able to go further, ride harder, and slip less with the Polaris Ranger Crew tire and wheel kits from Everything Polaris Ranger. Some riders like to specialize their wheels and tires for a specific type of terrain, while others would rather split the difference with a set of pre-mounted Polaris Ranger Crew tires and rims that function well on various ground conditions. And as far as size goes, we've got complementary tire and wheel kits to max out a stock Polaris Ranger Crew, as well as oversized tire and wheel kits that require bracket lifts, portals, or high-clearance a-arms to fit on the Ranger Crew. No matter what it is that you seek, Everything Polaris Ranger can hook you up with the absolute best tire and wheel kits for the Polaris Ranger Crew!

If your tires are worn out and need replaced, or if the rims you're using are too heavy for your machine's clutch, we've got a number of solutions available at Everything Polaris Ranger to fix any problem you might be suffering from. Want to try a 29.5x10x12 inch tire and wheel kit on your Ranger Crew XP Premium? We can help with that. Or how about some 32x10x14 inch tires / wheels for your HighLifter Crew edition? We have tire and wheel kits with these measurements as well as many more. At the end of the day, performance is what really matters. So if you want to up your game and improve the quality of your rides, you can't get any better than the Polaris Ranger Crew pre-mounted tire and wheel kits from Everything Polaris Ranger!

22 products

22 products