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Street Legal

Experience the thrill of off-roading without any legal worries with Polaris Ranger Crew street legal accessories. Everything Polaris Ranger offers an array of products that are designed to make your Polaris Ranger Crew move seamlessly on the road. From Polaris Ranger Crew street tires to DOT windshields, mirrors, blinkers, horns, and lighted license plate brackets, we have everything you need to make your ride street legal. Whether you need individual Polaris Ranger Crew street legal parts or complete kits, we have got you covered. So, don't let the fear of getting cited hold you back, check out our wide range of Polaris Ranger Crew street legal products and hit the road with a peace of mind.

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The Polaris Ranger Crew is a remarkable machine that is not just limited to off-road riding. In addition to its off-road capabilities, the Polaris Ranger Crew is also great for cruising down scenic country roads, running errands around town, and visiting friends and family. By making your Polaris Ranger Crew street legal, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Street legal requirements differ from country to country, state to state, county to county, and even city to city. However, there are certain parts and accessories that you can count on needing. These include side mirrors, rearview mirrors, turn signals, and horns. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we make getting your Polaris Ranger Crew ready for the city streets simple and easy with our side-by-side street legal kits.

One example is the Polaris Ranger Crew XP 900 Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit By SuperATV. This kit comes with all the hardware and electrical wiring components required to install turn signal lights easily on your Polaris Ranger Crew. And if you need a horn, check out the Polaris Ranger Crew Plug and Play Horn Kit with New Busbar Connectors by XTC Power Products.

Having good side and rearview mirrors on your Polaris Ranger Crew is essential if you're going to be sharing the road with other vehicles. The Polaris Ranger Crew Side and Rear View Mirror Set by Kolpin comes with everything you need for spatial awareness while riding your Polaris Ranger Crew on the streets. The kit includes two side mirrors and one rearview mirror that are easy to install and built tough to handle off and on-road abuse. They feature wide reflective surfaces and dual-view lenses for maximum visibility. The mirror kit also includes clamps that fit 1-5/8" - 2" size roll bars.

Even with large-lug tires, lift kits, and snorkels for extreme off-road riding, a little on-road riding might be in order. However, the limiting factor blocking you from riding your Ranger Crew on the road isn't the terrain, but rather the law. If you live in a rural area and have an in with the sheriff's department, perhaps you can get away without all the required Polaris Ranger Crew street legal accessories. But if you aren't in with the local police department or if you take your machine riding around the country, your best bet at avoiding a ticket when riding on state- or city-owned roads is a Polaris Ranger street legal setup from Everything Polaris Ranger.

If you're going to be required by law to run a UTV mirror on your Polaris Ranger Crew, you may as well get one that looks badass and is actually practical. DOT approved LED side mirrors can be installed to give you more illumination when you ride, and foldable side mirrors like the ones by Seizmik are great for threading the needle on thin and overgrown trails. Street legal accessories such as turn signal indicators and hazard lights kits may also be required where you ride.

Some turn signal kits and hazard light setups for the Polaris Ranger Crew require a bit of technical know-how in terms of electrical knowledge, while others come with simple-to-install wire clusters that hook into the rear taillights and use three amber turn lights for each side on the front of the vehicle. Regardless of your mechanical knowledge or the amount of spare time you're willing to commit to making modifications to your UTV, we've got easy-install street legal accessories for you and your Polaris Ranger Crew.

In conclusion, by making your Polaris Ranger Crew street legal with the aftermarket UTV street legal parts and accessories you'll find at Everything Polaris Ranger, you'll be able to enjoy a whole new world of possibilities beyond just off-road riding.