Spare Tire Mounts

Make getting stranded in your UTV a near impossibility with a Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire mount, a Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire carrier, or a Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire holder from Everything Polaris Ranger! While tire sealant products, tire plugs, and tire patches are good to have on hand, if one of your tires or rims becomes irreparably damaged, you’ll be glad you have a replacement at the ready on your Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire and wheel mount.

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Any serious off-road enthusiast knows just how common punctured tires can be. Jagged rocks, boulders, tree stumps, and tree branches are all lying in wait for your Polaris Ranger Crew to roll by so they can tear a hole in your tire and ruin your day. The only way to ensure that a flat tire doesn’t leave you and your Polaris Ranger Crew stranded in the middle of nowhere is to bring along a spare tire. And the easiest way to bring a spare tire along for the ride in your Polaris Ranger Crew is to install an aftermarket side by side spare tire mount. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find a wide selection of the best Polaris Ranger spare tire mounts, spare tire holders, and spare tire carriers on the market. Our Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire mounts are supplied by brands who know a thing or two about aftermarket UTV parts and accessories such as Hornet Outdoors, Aprove, Great Day, DragonFire, SuperATV, and UTV Inc.

If you’re looking for a quality spare tire carrier for your Polaris Ranger Crew, you can’t go wrong with the Polaris Ranger Crew Portable Spare Tire Mount by Hornet. This spare tire mount is super easy to install and remove right from your Polaris Ranger Crew’s bed, so if you’re just going for a leisurely drive into town you don’t need to bring it. You can also fit tires and wheels of any size on this spare tire holder.

For those who want to be extra prepared, check out the Polaris Ranger Crew Fuel and Spare Tire Mount by Hornet Outdoors. This spare tire mount features a 2-gallon fuel can mount so you can bring the extra fuel you need in addition to a spare tire. This spare tire mount also comes with two twist lock anchors, so installation is quick and easy. Some riders may prefer to strap down their Polaris Ranger Crew’s spare tire instead of mounting it. If this is the case for you, order the Polaris Ranger Crew Rugged "Y" Strap OG Spare Tire Rack By Assault Industries.

With Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire racks, spare tire mounts, and spare tire holders of all kinds, Everything Polaris Ranger is the best place to go for all your spare tire needs! While patch kits and tire plugs are great for many situations, the scope of their usefulness is limited. While you can patch holes and plug small punctures, there is little a tire plug or even tire sealant can do to save you from large gashes, damaged rims, and completely destroyed sidewalls. So if you want to be prepared for all possibilities in the field, bringing along a functional and appropriately sized spare tire is a must. And to do this both safely and effectively, the Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire mounts we offer are the best way to go about it. If you've got a large storage rack, you could just attach your spare tire to it with some ratchet straps. But in a bid to save cargo space, many riders prefer to mount their spare tires in a way that takes up as little room as possible. Hitch-mounted Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire carriers, for example, attach to the vehicle's hitch receiver, and options exist for either front hitches or rear hitches. Similarly, cage-mounted spare tire carriers for the Polaris Ranger Crew are also popular. You can stick them on the roll cage, an aftermarket luggage basket, or any solid-frame cargo rack. Be ready for any eventuality on the trail, near the hunting lease, or at the job site with a Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire mount from Everything Polaris Ranger!

If you ride in a group with several other UTVs, you can usually get your bike towed out if a tire failure were to occur. But if you ride alone with just a single side-by-side, you must be ready to get yourself out of any hairy situation you're in. With a Polaris Ranger Crew spare tire rack from Everything Polaris Ranger, you can do just that. Be it an on-roof spare tire holder or an in-bed spare tire mount, we've got enough options for everyone to find the exact spare tire mount to suit their every need!

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