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Portal Gear Lifts

Some riders are content with the stock configuration of their side-by-side. But for those that want a lower gear ratio, a taller ride height, and more ground clearance without adding excessive stress to the vehicle, Polaris Ranger Crew portal gear lifts are a great option to choose from. Although 8” portals for the Polaris Ranger Crew might be too much for some, they do serve a purpose in deep mud. Alternatively, less-aggressive 4” and 6” Polaris Ranger Crew portal gear lifts are also viable options for trail riders and off-roaders. Companies like SuperATV and High Lifter are the cream of the crop when it comes to single portal replacements as well as complete Polaris Ranger Crew portal gear lifts. And we work with both of these firms and several others here at Everything Polaris Ranger to deliver outstanding quality and satisfaction to our customers. Standard bracket-style UTV lift kits put a great deal of stress on the machine’s driveline. Although portal gear lifts increase torque forces on the frame and suspension parts, this can be overcome with link bars and good ball joints. If you’re not looking to make structural repairs to your rig, Polaris Ranger Crew portal gear lifts are a solid choice! 


Generation 1 GDP portals for the Polaris Ranger Crew are good, but Generation 2 GDP portals for the Polaris Ranger Crew are even better. If you’ve purchased a used Raner and are unsure whether it has Gen 1 or Gen 2 portals on it, look at the portals' output shaft diameter, hubs, and casing. Gen 1 portals have a tapered washer in between the case and the hub and a smaller output shaft than Gen 2 portals. And if you want to make your lifted Ranger Crew truly bulletproof while rolling on portal boxes, lower front frame strengtheners can be added to fortify the tabs on the frame where the a-arms connect. For more info about Polaris Ranger Crew portal gear lifts or to place an order, feel free to contact the portal professionals here at Everything Polaris Ranger!