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If you bought your Polaris Ranger Crew straight from the dealer, it should have come with a tool kit sealed in a plastic bag in the glovebox along with the machine’s service manual and MSO. Inside this tool kit are many of the things you’ll need to work on and adjust your Ranger. One of the most asked about tools in this kit is the shock adjuster. Although you can use a large pipe wrench or even a big pair of channel locks, you really need a Spanner Cam Wrench to properly adjust your rig’s shocks. A spring compression tool might also prove useful if you’re throwing on HD Springs.


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In addition to the suspension, there are also special tools for the clutch, transmission, and electrical connections on the Polaris Ranger Crew. If you’ve reassembled the tranny on your Ranger, you should get a clutch alignment tool to align the transmission to the engine. The Polaris Ranger clutch center distance is 10.5 inches from center hole to center hole. Using a clutch alignment tool is important because it changes the distance and effects of the machine’s belt tension. Regarding the electrical system, we’ve been asked multiple times if there is a special tool to get the prongs in the electrical connections out on Rangers? For these kinds of tools, we like to refer riders to Digi-Key. Headquartered right next door to the Arctic Cat factory, Digi-Key supplies many of the fasteners found on all brands. But before you buy, check the price, as some of those tools can cost as much as a new harness... or more. A trick we sometimes use is to take a safety pin and press it in the connector. You will feel the tab, push up to the tab, push forward, then pull out in one motion. There are also tools that depress the tabs so you can remove the pins as well as tools that take a thin narrow blade to depress the terminal tab to release (called a Weather PAC and a Delphi Product 150 Series respectively). So if you’re having problems with your wiring or any other aspect of repairing, replacing, or maintaining parts and accessories on your Polaris Ranger Crew, give us a shout and we’ll help you out with the tools you need to get the job done right.

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