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Have you recently taken the red pill and become a Crew-Size Polaris Ranger owner? If you’re like a lot of people, modifying your suspension to fit your riding style and the terrain is probably on the top of your to-do list. People go the aftermarket shock route looking for a better ride (be it softer or stiffer), higher ground clearance, and better relative performance. Your Ranger Crew may never ride like their RZR brethren, but you can definitely achieve better results than what the stock shocks bring. But if you just want to make a small tweak here or there, the back two shocks on the Crew are easily adjustable. For example, if you have wider wheels in the rear but the same size tires, you can raise the factory suspension to the highest setting in the rear to level the Ranger out. If you’re running the non-adjustable front strut setup, you won’t be able to adjust the factory front suspension unless you get pucks installed. Throwing on aftermarket EV springs or preload adjusters could help, but for many riders, upgrading to a complete aftermarket suspension system is the only way to go.


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Companies like Elka Shocks, SuperATV, and ZBros are three of the many aftermarket parts providers that make suspension systems and suspension components for the Polaris Ranger Crew. In many cases, these aftermarket suspension kits will also lift your machine higher above the ground, saving you from having to buy and install a lift bracket. If your Crew has the old body style, however, you still may need a lift so you don’t scrub your wheels when turning with large aftermarket tires. A customer of ours running just portals and forward a-arms on 31” tires told us he could barely turn without rubbing around a corner or when the suspension was at full droop. This is why you tailor your Crew’s suspension setup to match your riding style and machine weight -- which is particularly important if you’re loaded down with a bike full of accessories. You can get stiffer shocks for heavier riders and better cornering at high speeds or softer shocks to absorb rough terrain. You can also get UTV suspension with faster or slower rebound rates to change the speed at which they recoil after impact. If you’re still curious about the differences between the suspension systems in the new and old Crew body styles, give us a shout and we’ll help you find what you need!

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