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Fuel / Intake

The Polaris Ranger Crew can be a bit finicky when starting in cold temperatures if the right fuel is not used. Taking care of the bike can help prevent starting problems in subzero temperatures. However, some riders have experienced difficulty starting their Ranger Crews in mid-30s temperatures, which can be tough on the engine. It is important to be cautious when seeking assistance from a Polaris tech, as they may make changes that could create further engine and starter damage. The Polaris Ranger's ECU recalculates fuel and spark for cold starts, but the type of fuel used can also affect its ability to start in low temperatures. In some cases, the Ranger Crew may have trouble starting when the ambient temperatures are low. Overall, proper maintenance and fuel selection can help avoid starting issues in cold weather.

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When it comes to fuel for your Polaris Ranger Crew, not all options are created equal. In fact, using 91 non-ethanol fuel in colder temperatures can cause issues with the machine. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we recommend using 87 octane fuel in your Pro Star engine, unless it is turbocharged. This is especially important for Crews made after 2013, as they are not designed to run on higher octane fuels.

While E85 is typically higher in octane, it can also be difficult to start in colder temperatures without a little extra heat. In general, there is no advantage to using 91 or premium fuels in your Polaris Ranger Crew, and they can actually be detrimental to its performance.

It's worth noting that many Crews, RZRs, and other Rangers have stickers by the gas cap indicating a minimum fuel requirement of 87, not 91. And if you've experienced issues with fuel pressure, it may actually be caused by trying to use 91 non-ethanol fuel.

When it comes down to it, using 87 octane fuel is the safest and most reliable option for your Polaris Ranger Crew, especially in colder temperatures. By following this recommendation, you can ensure that your machine runs smoothly and without unnecessary issues.