Front Drive Line / Suspension

For many riders new to the UTV and Powersports scene, it is often hard to distinguish the difference between the various years, models, and editions of the Polaris Ranger Crew -- and Polaris Rangers in general. For example, the Highlifter Crew 1000 is drastically different from the regular Crew 1000 in the driveline alone, not to mention the bigger front differentials and prop shafts, 28”stock tires, arched a-arms, snorkels, and draining half doors. Point is, it’s hard to tell the different internals by how the machine looks on the outside. Does it have a geared transmission, geared reverse, gear reductions etc.? Furthermore, what noises are normal to hear when driving. Last year we were contacted by a guy who just bought a brand new Highlifter 1000 Crew complaining that the front end sounded like it was going to blow up. He loved the lock and ride but hated the drivetrain and was thinking about trading it for a different brand. Long story short, we ended up sending him a driveline from Sandcraft RCR and the noises stopped. He did his own mechanical work, but if you don’t have the tools or time to make any repairs or replacements to your Polaris Crew, make sure you find a shop that can drive your rig and not just do a visual inspection. In many cases -- especially with regards to the front driveline -- you need to be driving the machine to hear and feel what might be going wrong.


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And when it comes to protecting your Crew’s driveline with the extended powertrain warranty, it really depends on your personal riding situation. Many riders -- especially those who go with the Polaris warranty and not an aftermarket warranty like Zurick or Torque -- think the powertrain warranty is not worth it. When the parts break, they don’t want stock parts put back in. After all, if your driveline isn’t cutting it, why would you replace it with the same style driveline? they want better hey parts that break I don’t want stock parts put back in. They would rather spend money on upgrades rather than the warranty. However, unlike the Polaris warranty, some aftermarket warranties cover claims on machines with lifts and bigger tires. We’d suggest getting either a two- or three-year extended warranty. If something is going to happen it will happen in the first couple of years.

Warranty or not, you may not have to replace the entire driveline should an issue arise. You can replace gearboxes, axle assemblies, transfer cases, wheel hubs, CV joints & boots, and pretty much any other driveline component in your Crew. We’ve even seen guys tear their transmission apart to tighten their snorkel collar a few notches to reduce the noise. With a little time and determination, any driveline issue can be resolved. So give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll get you started on the right path.

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