Front Differential

Whether you’re looking for a new front differential, a front differential rebuild kit, or a used front differential for your Polaris Ranger Crew, buying a complete assembly may not be necessary. HD Extreme cases, for example, are nice, but depending on what your machine needs to get back up and running in the differential department, it may not be worth it. SuperATV, for example, has affordable Sprague cages, pins, and inputs, allowing you to replace what is broken, and leave in place what still works. It is also possible to cut the frame section out and install a Polaris Ranger 1000 differential in various models of the Polaris Ranger Crew. But while the 1000 differential is a lot stronger than the ones in the 900, running one on stock frame tabs could eventually cause them to tear loose where the suspension attaches to the lower frame. If you’re looking to go this route, a plate conversion is highly recommended.


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No matter if you broke the front differential in your Polaris Ranger Crew, if there’s slop in the splines between the CV joint and the input shaft -- that is, if you don’t run the older U-Joint diffs --, or if you just want to disassemble/remove the front diff to replace or modify a few simple parts, you're going to need to remove the roll pin in the driveshaft yoke to get the old pinion out. And while you’re in there, make sure that the yoke retaining ring is seated correctly, because if it’s not, it could cause the front end to drop, potentially causing a great degree of carnage from deflecting debris. Checking the pinion for wear is also not a bad idea -- especially if you’re hearing slapping or vibrating noises at slow speeds. Take the side cover off, pull the drive hub out, then lift the ring gear and Sprague out as one unit. If you’ve recently switched to a CV shaft, you may want to consider replacing the prop and pinion shafts, as the front yoke on the prop shaft tends to be loose and sloppy on the differential input shaft after swapping over. Repairing or replacing front differentials and understanding their related parts as well as how everything fits together can seem daunting at first, but stick with it. With a complete service manual and some help from us here at Everything Polaris Ranger, there is nothing on your Crew-Size Ranger that you can’t get fixed!

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