If you’ve just brought home a new Polaris Ranger Crew, you’ll likely notice that something smells hot, and the muffler might even glow a bit and appear scorched. Don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal. The smell is from the internals of the muffler breaking in and the exterior finish & paint burning off. If you’ve ever test driven a new Ranger Crew, you’ve likely encountered this smell. However, should the smell persist and your tailpipe constantly overheats, there could be an issue. Aside from getting a completely new aftermarket muffler or exhaust system, there are a few other things you can try. If you look at your Crew muffler, you’ll see a screen at the end of the tailpipe with a bolt that holds in the spark arrestor. Take that bolt off -- which should be a 5/16 bolt -- and pull the spark arrestor. There is insulation in the muffler to help keep the noise down, so if any insulation comes out with the spark arrestor, it likely broke loose and is flaking off inside the muffler.


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You may also hear some chatter coming from your Polaris Crew exhaust, muffler, or OEM silencer.  This could be the spark arrestor, which will rattle like crazy if it is loose. However, if your exhaust is falling apart inside, you should be covered by the federally mandated emissions warranty, which covers the Crew exhaust for up to 500 hours of use. You’ll have to go through a dealer to claim the warranty, but it will definitely save you from having o buy a new $350 OEM silencer, muffler, or exhaust. If you do go the aftermarket exhaust route, it might be wise to re-flash or tune your Crew’s electronic control unit (ECU) so that all your parts are functioning in unison. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to upgrade to a new exhaust and not use it to its full potential. So if you’re experiencing problems with your stock Polaris Crew exhaust or looking to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust, give us a shout here at Everything Polaris Ranger and we can help guide you in the right direction!