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The Polaris Ranger Crew engine requires special attention to ensure optimal performance. It generates excessive heat, which requires frequent cooling with radiators, fans, and coolant. Regular lubrication of the numerous moving parts reduces friction and valve rod damage. Despite proper care, the engine can still fail due to issues such as blown rods or oil leaks. Some problems can be resolved through simple solutions like bolt sealing kits, while others require repairs due to broken seals or gaskets. In case the engine light turns on, it may be caused by various reasons, such as a bad connection or reduced fuel pump pressure. Restarting the machine with a key turn to "on" for a few seconds can solve the issue, especially if you use fuel stabilizers and 91 non-ethanol fuel. Regular maintenance and monitoring the temperature gauge can prevent engine failure.

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If you own a Polaris Ranger Crew, particularly a Northstar Crew, you may have noticed a lot of engine noise coming from under the rear seat. While the performance of the engine may be great, the noise can be a distraction and annoyance to riders. This problem arises because the Polaris Ranger Crew does not come with enough noise-canceling foam from the factory, unlike the 900 kit. In fact, some riders have even admitted to wearing earplugs because of the noise.

Thankfully, there are easy and affordable ways to soundproof your engine. One option is to use self-adhesive strips called Boom Mat, which can be wrapped behind all the plastic under the seats. By pulling out the storage containers under the seats and wrapping them in Boom Mat, you can significantly reduce engine noise. Another option is to use spray-on soundproofing, which can work exceptionally well on the Ranger Crew. However, be careful not to spray the solution in all the crevices and turns under the plastic, as it may be hard to remove if you want to take it apart. Spraying only the back of the plastic and avoiding the seams should suffice.

If you're already taking your bike apart for maintenance, it may be worth soundproofing the engine to eliminate the noise altogether. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer engine maintenance services, replacement parts for the engine, or even new Polaris Crew engines if needed. We've got all your engine needs covered so that you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet ride on your Polaris Ranger Crew.

In conclusion, engine noise can be a nuisance for Polaris Ranger Crew owners, but it's not an unsolvable problem. Simple and affordable solutions, such as Boom Mat or spray-on soundproofing, can help reduce engine noise significantly. If you need any help with engine maintenance or replacement parts, Everything Polaris Ranger is here for you.