The engine of a Polaris Ranger Crew is a finicky thing. It creates a tremendous amount of heat, so it must be constantly cooled down with radiators, fans, and special coolant. The Polaris Ranger Crew motor has a lot of moving parts as well, which must all be oiled and lubricated to reduce friction. But even if you baby your Crew’s engine, oil it religiously, and constantly monitor its temperature gauge if a rod blows four holes in your rig’s engine block, you’re still going to be out of an engine. Aside from a blown rod, oil leaks are another way your Crew engine can meet its end. Some issues can be solved with bolt sealing kits, while others arise as a result of a broken seal or gasket in the motor. But just because your engine light turns on, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are screwed. A variety of things, from a bad connection at the alternator harness to a loss in fuel pump pressure, will cause the check engine light on. In many cases, the problem resolves itself if you turn off your machine, and sometimes it helps to turn the key to "on" for a few seconds and then crank -- especially if you are using any stabilizers and running 91 non-ethanol fuel?


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Aside from the performance of the Polaris Ranger Crew engine, many Crew owners -- and Northstar Crew in particular -- have complained about the engine noise that comes from under the rear seat.  From the factory, the Polaris Ranger Crew does not have near the amount of noise-canceling foam that was in a 900 kit. Some with Polaris Crew bikes even admitted to driving with earplugs in. Luckily, there are cheap and easy ways to soundproof your engine. Boom Mat self-adhesive strips, for instance, can be wrapped behind all the plastic under the seats. Simply pull the storage containers out from under the seats and wrap them in Boom Sound mat. Alternatively, you can also find spray-on soundproofing that works great on the Ranger Crew. If you use the spray soundproofing, avoid from spraying in all the crevices and turns under that plastic, as this stuff is hard to cut or scrape off if you want to take it apart. Just spray the back of the plastic, nothing on the seams. If you’ve got your bike apart anyway, you may as well go for it if the engine noise is driving you crazy. So whether it’s Crew engine maintenance, replacement parts for the engine, or completely new Polaris Crew engines, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got all your engine needs covered.

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