With accessories like powered windows, high-strength winches, and heating/cooling units, the electrical system of the Polaris Ranger Crew can be chaotic and confusing, to say the least. And even if you’re running your Ranger Crew exclusively stock, electrical issues may still arise that are cheap to fix… that is if you know what you’re doing and what electrical parts you need. A friend of the site, for instance, got a steal of a deal on a light bar for his 2019 Northstar Crew, but the catch was that it didn’t include a wiring harness. He wanted to be able to turn the rear light on and off on its own, so we hooked him up with separate switches, a pulse bar connector, a light bar harness, and a reverse light harness. In this case, he had to change one wire on the relay so it would only have power with the key on, which, with our help, was super easy. But even if your understanding of electronics and wiring is not the best, you can get the factory Polaris accessory wiring harness.


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In addition to powering aftermarket accessories, the electrical system of your Polaris Ranger Crew needs function properly to avoid short circuits. Because of the increasing role of computers and electronics in the Polaris Ranger Crew and UTVs in general, even a momentary electric short can wreak havoc on your machine. Turf mode, for instance, can be activated or deactivated by a short circuit in the machine’s wiring. A recent customer of ours contacted us because his Crew was intermittently and spontaneously switching back and forth from turf to posi. Turns out a short was shifting on and off turf mode. Lucky for riders with new machines, Polaris designed the 2018 models differently so that when the solenoid is de-energized it becomes a posi lock differential. With this design, if there is an electrical issue within the machine’s wiring, there is no chance of it going in and out of turf mode. While you can just delete your turf mode, which will make your rig full-time posi, this will eat up tires on dry pavement and make driving on wet streets very dangerous. In accordance with Occam's Razor, simple solutions are more often the correct solutions. So if you have a difficult problem with a seemingly difficult solution, give us a shout and we’ll see if we can simplify it!

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