Many Polaris Ranger Crew owners experience their fair share of brake issues. It’s almost inevitable, especially if you ride hard. Brake pads -- even specialty made brass UTV brake pads -- wear down, brake rotors warp and bend, and brake lines snag, split, and leak. Thankfully, however, replacing and fixing these parts is relatively painless and compared to other parts and accessories, somewhat cheap. A common issue we’ve helped people overcome is bleeding the brake lines of the Polaris Ranger Crew -- a task that becomes increasingly difficult for Crew owners with Portals. Because of the low ground clearance of the stock Polaris Ranger Crew, portals are often used as a way to get lift. However, the brake rotors for portable machines are a different thickness and need to be set differently. If you run portals on your Crew, you’ll likely need to extend your brake lines. If you’re experiencing issues with your brakes, the issue could stem from a busted seal in the master cylinder. You may also have an air bubble in your brake lines, which can be fixed by bleeding your brakes. Apply pressure -- about 2psi -- to the brake lines with a hand or vacuum pump and slowly open all bleeders. Start at the back passenger corner, then move to the driver side in the rear, then the passenger front and finally the driver side in the front.


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Furthermore, when you’re bleeding the brakes on your Ranger Crew, take note of the position of bleeders and calipers. When you do the Portals, it moves them from the front to the back and puts them upside down. You may think that if you’re using a bleeder pump this shouldn’t be an issue, but if your calipers are upside down, you won’t be able to get all the air out. It may sound simple and dumb, but it’s rather common. When you’re bleeding your brakes, the bleeders need to be on top. Also, make sure to set the set screws properly in the calipers before you bleed them. There are screws on the back of the calipers to set the clearance of the pads to the rotors, which can affect the brakes if not set right when bleeding. It’s always the littlest things that mess people up, so don’t get frustrated when working on your Crew brakes and push through, you’ll get there eventually if you don’t give up.

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