If you go into a Polaris Ranger dealership and say "give me the biggest worst machine you’ve got”, they’ll probably hand you the keys to a Polaris Ranger Crew 800 or whatever model of the Polaris Ranger Crew they have in stock. If you change machines from a 500 Polaris Ranger with a regular cab to the Polaris Ranger 570 Crew Cab, you will notice some differences. For example, the Crew has a larger turning radius. If you ride in heavy forests or the side of mountains, a Crew might be tricky. Ground clearance is also an issue with the Polaris Ranger Crew, which is why many Crew owners run Portal lifts and larger tires for a higher ride. And regardless of whether it’s the old Crew body style or the new Crew body style, the fact of the matter is that you can fit more people in a Crew cab. Sure you can get a Full-Size and retrofit it with jump seats and a roll cage in the bed, but not only does this take up room that would otherwise be occupied by stuff you need for the ride -- like a spare tire, chainsaw, cooler, backpack, etc. -- but it also changes the machine’s center of gravity, making it more likely to tumble end over end. And unless the roll cage is built and tied into the frame, this can be dangerous for those sitting in the jump seat.


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But even when you narrow down the scope to just the Polaris Ranger Crew, there are still varied opinions as to which year, size, and body style is best. The newer body style no doubt drives and rides better, but is it worth shelling out the extra cash when the old body style is much cheaper? Some say no, don't buy the new Polaris Ranger Crew body style over the old one. One rider we spoke with who has this opinion told us he owned a 1000 XP NBS and also had a 2015 XP 900 and the newer Crew is not worth the extra money. He complained of dust, a bad odometer, and unimpressive power as well as saying that he didn’t like the look of the new body style -- stating that the front end of the older Ranger Crews was more aggressive and the new Ranger Crews look like a Hyundai car. This, however, is just one rider’s opinion. We’ve spoken to countless other riders who love the new Crew body style. Some say they thought the 2019 Polaris Ranger Crew was ugly until they saw it in person, reminding them of a pickup or a Hum-V. Others liked how it has six front seat cup holders, while others applauded the smoother ride. Some didn’t care about the looks at all but were after the higher horsepower instead. But regardless of your opinions on the looks of the new Polaris Ranger Crew body style, you can’t deny that it’s an absolute workhorse of a machine that has its place in the Polaris Ranger family.

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