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The Everything Advantage

Heat Shields

Whether you need a replacement Polaris Ranger Crew heat shield for your exhaust, or a heat shield package for the engine area of your UTV, get exactly what you're after by choosing Everything Polaris Ranger for all you heat shielding needs. Unlike the factory Polaris Ranger Crew heat shields that mount to the vehicle with traditional bolts, the heat shields we offer come with self-tapping screws to prevent them from falling off. This is important because even short rides without proper heat shielding can lead to morphed body plastics, melted snorkels, and other heat-related damage. If your exhaust pipe looks cherry red, you should check the fuel pressure as your machine could be running lean. But even if the fuel-air mixture in your rig is perfectly balanced, aftermarket Polaris Ranger Crew exhaust shields can still prove useful to block excess heat. The cargo bins under the seats can be wrapped with heat shielding to keep the contents cool, and many riders use various sizes of heat shields to reduce heat in the cockpit during the warm summer months. But regardless of whether you're trying to stay cool, or prevent the plastic components of your bike from melting, you can achieve any end with the Polaris Ranger Crew heat shields from Everything Polaris Ranger.

Polaris Ranger Crew dash seal kits can help insulate the cab from engine heat, and accessories like radiator relocation kits will ensure that you're side-by-side's cooling system is functioning as it should. And at Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer both of these kits and many more for all heat-related issues. We sell the Polaris Ranger Crew heat shields that go around the gas and brake pedals, as well as dump bed heat shields for the rear end of the Polaris Ranger Crew. So if your stock heat shields keep rattling loose, or if you're completely missing a particular Polaris Ranger Crew heat shield, we've got you covered at Everything Polaris Ranger!

2 products

2 products