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ECU Tuners

When it comes to off-road vehicles like the Polaris Ranger Crew, strength is crucial, but it's not the only factor that matters. To get the most out of your machine, you also need intelligence, which is where Polaris Ranger Crew ECUs and ECU tuning software come in. These tools help you coordinate and optimize your vehicle's power output. With Everything Polaris Ranger's ECU tuners, you can install aftermarket parts and disable factory rev and speed governors. These tuners provide many other benefits as well, making them a must-have for serious off-roaders. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, upgrading your Ranger Crew's ECU with Everything Polaris Ranger can help you unlock its full potential.

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At Everything Polaris Ranger, we believe that anything great can always be improved, and that includes the Polaris Ranger Crew UTV. Our goal has always been to enhance the performance of UTVs like the Polaris Ranger Crew. One of the most effective ways to improve the off-road capabilities of your Polaris Ranger Crew is by optimizing the power and efficiency of its engine through the use of an aftermarket UTV ECU tuner. These tuners are a simple and cost-effective way to increase the horsepower, fuel intake, and overall engine performance of your vehicle without the need to perform expensive and time-consuming modifications under the hood.

We offer all the necessary parts and accessories to fine-tune your Polaris Ranger Crew, such as ECU tuners, cable adapters, and digital gauges, all in one convenient location. Our best-selling tuner for the Polaris Ranger Crew is the Polaris Ranger Crew 1000 Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit by Aftermarket Assassins. This kit comes with a Powervision ECU tuner, a clutch kit, and custom programmed tunes, offering you the power and versatility to take your Polaris Ranger Crew's engine performance to new heights. The ECU tuner also comes with a variety of custom tunes to suit your desired goals for your Polaris Ranger Crew.

In addition to ECU tuners, we also offer other helpful tools like the Polaris Ranger Crew Striker Kit by Trail Tech, which gives you a readout on the inner workings of your Polaris Ranger Crew. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we have a wide range of ECU Tuners, UTV programmers, and side-by-side chips to unlock your vehicle's full potential.

Polaris limits the throttle opening of the Polaris Ranger Crew for various reasons, including insurance, liability, and legalities. However, with an ECU Tuning Kit, you can achieve 100% throttle opening and adjust rev and speed limits, giving you an even greater level of control. Upgrading the mechanics of your Polaris Ranger Crew with aftermarket accessories can be time-consuming, costly, and problematic. However, with an ECU Tuner, you can unlock the full potential of your UTV's engine with just one purchase.

Compared to OEM programming, a Polaris Ranger Crew UTV that has undergone an ECU tune with an aftermarket ECU tuner can achieve significant performance gains in terms of horsepower, torque, and top speeds. Additionally, a good Polaris Ranger ECU Tuner will have safety measures programmed in, such as lowering the fan temperature to keep your machine safe. This feature can be adjusted according to specific climates, making it easier for riders to drive at optimal performance regardless of their location.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, we offer a wide range of ECU tuners and accessories for your full-size Ranger Crew 570-6, mid-size Ranger Crew 570-4, Ranger Crew XP 1000, and Ranger Crew 1000. With the most sought-after brands in UTV aftermarket accessories available, you're sure to find the perfect ECU tuner to fit your driving needs. Upgrading your machine's engine is as important as customizing its body. Reduce overheating and embarrassing shutdowns on tough trails, and experience top performance with an ECU tuner from Everything Polaris Ranger.