Single Person Race Systems

The Polaris Ranger Crew isn't known for its racing prowess; but that doesn't mean you won't get a few Ranger Crew sleepers with significant modifications under the hood. If you're the owner of such a machine and use it to race either officially or unofficially, we've got the communications accessory for you. After all, you augmented your rig's mechanics, so why not modify the brains of the operation? This can be easily done with a single person race system for the Polaris Ranger Crew. You can get a single person race communication system with a 16-channel handheld radio, or a single person race communication system with a dual-band handheld radio. And for racers that participate in long-range races and side-by-side rallies, single person race comms with 50- or 60-watt radios can be installed to provide further range. Unlike their hand-held counterparts, these built-in radios can be used with antennas, which makes long-range communication easier in conditions where there are many natural obstacles -- such as trees and mountain ranges -- that block most lengths of radio waves. Irrespective of whether it has a fixed or handheld radio, the other components of a single person race communication system for the Polaris Ranger Crew will also play a large role in the system's overall effectiveness.

Racing generally entails high speeds. And with high speeds come the need for a helmet. But just because you have a helmet doesn't mean you can't incorporate a single person race system into the cockpit of your Polaris Ranger Crew. With accessories like audio helmets, you can sync up with your UTV radio / intercom to communicate in the heat of a race. Furthermore, audio helmet kits can be installed to give ordinary helmets the ability to emit sound and pick up voice audio. No matter who you're communicating with, through a single person race system with helmet integration, you'll be able to talk and ride in confidence knowing that you'll be protected in the event of a crash. What are you waiting for? Get a single person race system for your Polaris Ranger Crew today!

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