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Single Person Race Systems

The Polaris Ranger Crew may not be known for its racing abilities, but for those who have made significant modifications under its hood, it can be a sleeper hit on the track. If you're one of those owners using your Ranger Crew to race, we have just the thing for you. A single person race system for your Polaris Ranger Crew can be easily installed to modify the brains of your machine. This system comes with a 16-channel handheld radio or a dual-band handheld radio, and even options for a 50- or 60-watt radio for long-range races and side-by-side rallies. The built-in radios can be used with antennas for longer-range communications where natural obstacles can interfere with radio waves. Along with the radio, you'll get an audio helmet kit that can be installed to communicate hands-free while racing. So, why wait? Get a single person race system for your Polaris Ranger Crew today and take on the track with confidence.

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