Transmitting voice communications via your UTV radio has many practical applications in and of itself, but it's only half of the picture. Without a Polaris Ranger Crew radio receiver, you will be in the dark as to whether or not your communications have been received by the intentional party. This is important for emergency situations, but it is also applicable for UTV racing. Many Polaris Ranger Crew owners who participate in races use race receivers to gain valuable information from their team members on the sideline. Perhaps a particular wheel is low on air, or perhaps your team mechanic notices black exhaust spewing from your side-by-side, indicating that your fuel/air mixture is running too lean. With a race receiver, you might be able to correct for these issues. Without one, however, you as the driver will be left to your own devices. Race radio receivers are also useful for prerunning purposes, allowing the driver to get helpful feedback during practice before the race begins. Be it a mono channel UTV receiver that pipes the same audio into both ears, or a stereo channel receiver to get different signals in each ear, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we've got the precise receiver for you and your Polaris Ranger Crew.

The fundamental technology behind most communication receivers is similar, however not all receivers are constructed for off-road applications. A good UTV receiver should not only be shockproof to withstand the battering of an off-road ride, but they should also be waterproof as mud and moisture are almost impossible to avoid on a side-by-side. Some of these issues can be mitigated with proper mounting mechanisms and an attention to preservation, but even the most well-minded and coordinated individuals can make mistakes or forget things. Strength and power in the physical sense is important for a durable receiver, but in terms of reception power, things like antennas can be incorporated into your setup for greater reach. So if you're looking to join a long-distance rally race or are required to use a receiver for the races in which you want to compete, there is little doubt that you'll be able to find exactly what you're after here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

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