Radio / Radio Kits

Whether you're looking for mobile radio accessories, shortwave UTV radio kits, or other two-way radio units from companies like Relm Wireless, Kenwood, Firecom, and Midland, we have it all at Everything Polaris Ranger. Browse our selection for the radio units alone, or complete radio kits designed to fit perfectly in the Polaris Ranger Crew. Handheld radios like the Kenwood TK-272g-1 are popular among Crew owners because they are small, easy to carry, and simple to use. However handheld UTV radios do have their disadvantages as well. Range can be limited if the recipient doesn't have an antenna, and battery lock clips have been known to malfunction on some of the cheaper handhelds. To increase range, you can ride to higher ground or to areas with less tree cover. But if the radio's lock clip fails and your batteries fall into a mud puddle, you're going to be straight out of luck unless you brought spares. For these and other reasons, a good number of Polaris Ranger Crew owners decide to use mounted radio kits that stay permanently in their vehicle. The Ranger Crew radios by leading off-road telecommunication firms such as Rugged Radios are particularly popular as they are made to withstand the punishing conditions that side-by-sides are often subjected to.

Depending on the power of your Polaris Ranger Crew radio and the geography of the terrain where you ride, you can expect to get at least a few miles of coverage with the worst radios under the worst conditions. A standard UHF/VHF radio running on 60 watts of power will generally give you a range of 20 to 30 miles. Add things like mountains and dense forests, however, and the real-world range can be less. To get around this, many popular riding areas have repeater systems, which take in, amplify, then rebroadcast your radio's signal. You can get hundreds of miles of range in an area with a solid system of repeaters, but in order to use them you'll likely need an amateur radio, which requires an amateur radio license to operate. If you know your way around radios and want something that is high-powered and requires a license, or if you're inexperienced with radios and just want a good communication device to use in your Polaris Ranger Crew, scroll down and you're sure to find the exact radio or radio kit to meet all your needs.

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